Thursday, 20 April 2017

What a Pair

We caught up with our great nephews over the Easter weekend.
Although it was difficult to find all three boys awake at the same time, 
we did manage a family photo with Los Pequeňos.
As you may have noticed, Pequeňo Dos no longer needs additional oxygen
(that's him on his Gruncle's knee), and they are pretty much nigh on impossible
to tell apart.  They are now six months old and doing so well that it's easy to forget
The Boy Child loves having baby cousins and you can see him with the twins here


joy said...

Gruncle, what a lovely word. And what a lovely picture too.

Ali said...

A lovely photo and its great to see them thriving :-) x

Sian said...

How wonderful it is to see them doing so well

Jen Mc said...

Isn't it wonderful to catch up with family? Wonderful photo.

Maggie said...

I think I might adopt the term Gruncle for my great nephew to call my husband. Lovely to see them doing so well.

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