Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Design Museum

The Boy Child and I recently visited the Design Museum 
in its new home on High Street, Kensington. 
To be honest, neither of us enjoyed it very much,
 mainly because autism levels were high that afternoon.

On another day, I think the Design Museum would be a good place to spend an hour or two,
especially when they've ironed out their teething problems with interactive exhibits.
The space has clearly been well thought out and the whole museum appears
to possess a layer of peace, two things autism-parents are always on the lookout for.
So, what I'm actually saying is this, go and visit the Design Museum,
form your own opinions and then let me know.
Maybe I'll go again ... on a day when The Boy Child is in school.    


debs14 said...

What a shame your visit coincided with a not very good day for TBC. Probably best to go back yourself to see it properly and then bide your time to choose a better day when moods are better.

Sian said...

I'm sure it's a very stimulating environment...maybe just too stimulating. I like Deb's idea tat you see if you can get a chance to go back on your own.

Alison said...

Good advice from my fellow bloggers I think...and so glad you enjoyed your Wembley experience! Xx

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