Monday, 5 June 2017

No Room in My Heart

Yesterday, when I woke up, I was afraid.
For that brief moment in time, I was afraid.
Deep in my soul afraid.
But then I gave myself a metaphorical shake.
I have no room in my heart for fear to blossom.
I have no room in my heart for hate.
I don't ever want to have room in my heart for fear and hate.
I choose to live my life as I always have.
In a city where we welcome the world, regardless of colour of creed.
Love will conquer fear and hate.
Love always win.
Maybe not today, tomorrow or anytime soon, 
but one day, love will defeat hate. 

1 comment:

Ladkyis said...

Sometimes I wish there was a like button on this here blogger. That sums up exactly how I felt through the IRA times and all the time my sons were in the army. Thank you for putting it into words

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