Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The Post Holiday Traveler's Notebook

We were fortunate enough to travel to Venice, Italy for four nights 
during the recent half-term holiday, and I was able to journal 
in my Traveler's Notebook (TN) most evenings.
 It's looking satisfyingly fat, which pleases me no end.
 As most of the TN was prepped before we'd even left home, 
the journaling was the biggest job each evening.
 Along side journaling pens, I'd packed two spools of washi tape,
which I used to attach the small Instax Mini photos and small 
embellishments to then pretty up those photos. 
I made pencil marks on some pages for specific images, so that once home,
and photos were printed, I could remember where I wanted certain photos to go.
If I'd change anything about the TN, I'd cut the journaling pages slightly smaller.
As the TN got thicker, the journaling pages didn't sit as cleanly as I'd hoped.
A small thing, but still one to bear in mind for the next TN.     
Because, you know, there's bound to be another one ...


Ladkyis said...

I love it! my way of doing travel journals is so different, I suppose that's because I started BI (before Internet) actually my first travel journal was 1979 (eeeek) I tend to use a small notebook, write only on one side of the paper and then I simply would remove the pages from the notebook and stick them into the scrapbook with postcards and momentos when the pictures came back from the camera shop. These days I scan the notebook pages and store them in a pocket in the scrapbook while taking quotes from the pages. I also tend to blog the entries at some point.

Patio Postcards said...

Very nice TN & what a fun trip it looks like. Will you do full scrapbook pages for some of the most memorable moments?

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