Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Venice Photos | A Specific Album, Single Pages or Both?

Yesterday, Mary-Lou left on a comment on my post about my finished Traveler's Notebook:
"Very nice TN & what a fun trip it looks like.
 Will you do full scrapbook pages for some of the most memorable moments?"
The easy answer to that is, "No, not this time around", with the reason being that I am aware
that we are simply running out of album storage space. 
I did make a double page spread early yesterday afternoon for our 2017 album, 
and I love how it turned out..
(Am I allowed to sat that about my own work?)
I'll make another 12x12 double spread for The Boy Child's album,
and a few smaller pages around the 9x9 size, which I'll put into an album
I picked up at the Store of Utter Gorgeousness a while ago.
It may be that I'll miss creating a 12x12 album of specific travels,
or it may be that I'll be satisfied with my current plan.
We'll see.

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Patio Postcards said...

Ruth thanks for the answer. I think when you do such amazing layouts (art) you can say that you loved how it turned out. Vibrant Venice is no exception ... you do have a real knack for the (perfect) placement of the embellishments.

I saw the scraplift challenge in Scrapbook & Cards Today & I thought, I wonder how Ruth will do it ...

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