Friday, 7 July 2017

Design Your Life 2.0

A regular readers will know, when it comes to scrapbooking,
I am a fan of Cathy Zielske's style.
I've taken a number of her online classes over the years,
and they've all been excellent value.
Yesterday, Cathy announced that she was running an revised and updated
Design Your Life 2.0 class, beginning in the middle of July 
and running for four weeks.
She is currently offering a $5 discount for early bird bookings,
and if you are an alumni of the earlier DYL classes, she is offering a $15 discount.
In order to qualify, you just need to send her proof of participation.
I sent her this image, and within minutes, she'd replied with a lovely comment about it.
Hmm, there I go again, blowing my own trumpet ...  

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Patio Postcards said...

I also admire Cathy Z's work - she is amazing. I have never taken an online workshop with her, would like to but the CND to the USD sucks the big one.

I have often scrap lifted several of your pages so I know first hand the amazing pages you create. And why can't women be proud about their work what ever form it takes - we would never accuse a man of blowing his trumpet if he said he did something well. I say Ruth blow away because I'm right there beside you applauding & singing your praises - you go girl!

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