Wednesday, 13 September 2017

LSNED | Days 6-10

6 September:
Going to the hairdresser can be like a therapy session in reverse.
All I have to do is listen.
I'm used to him talking for 45 minutes of more, barely pausing for breath
or allowing me to get a word in edge-ways.
Strangely, I find it quite relaxing.

7 September:
Five years can go by in a flash.
How can I be applying for The Boy Child's 3rd passport in ten years?

8 September: 
Accepting the offer to test drive a new car for the weekend can be fun.
There's no cost involved us and it doesn't commit us to anything.  

9 September:
Spontaneity can be over-rated!
Checking that someone is home when you find yourself near their house
is probably the best way to proceed.

10 September: 
Attempting to match up a pair of wardrobes
 twenty years apart was never going to work.

See Days 1-5 here.


alexa said...

I really enjoy these little snippets of life! Matching up anything after the initial event is a problem ... hoping you find a solution that doesn't involve an expensive makeover! That's a splendid trailing begonia.

Patio Postcards said...

Your photo of the begonia is stunning, such a vibrant colour against the brick. Spontaneity is not a strong gene in my makeup, so yes I totally agree it is over rated (col). Interesting to use passport photos as a mark of time - a good possibility for a scrap page. Matching wood - I was once told that the trees don't match in the forest so don't expect it to match in the furniture ... I think the salesperson was trying to hard for a sale.

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