Wednesday, 11 October 2017

For the Love of Books | To Siri, with Love

When I changed how I wrote about the books I read, I'd settled on a monthly round-up.
One post on all the books I'd read that month.
But some books deserve a mention in their own right, and not be lumped
in together with three or four others. 
To Siri, with Love by Judith Newman is one such book.
 I read an article by Newman that lead to the book,
and that, in turn, lead to me knowing that we are not alone.
I know that we are not the only family living with autism.
Of course I do.
But living in a family where autism dictates much of how we live,
it can certainly feel like we are the only ones. 
I devoured To Siri, with Love over a few evenings ...
and took a yellow highlighter pen to it.
The descriptions of her son, Gus, resonated deeply with me.  So many of his traits/quirks
are recognisable in The Boy Child.  Although Gus is a few years older, it's clear that Newman and I (we) are experiencing/have experienced the same things.

If I wrote about all the similarities, you'd be here reading until Christmas,
and neither of us wants that.
If you want to read a well written and realistic account of what living with autism is like,
one where the young man in question is extremely similar to The Boy Child,
then To Siri, with Love is the book for you.    

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Patio Postcards said...

I think you have found your touchstone as you walk through the difficult but often wondrous journey of Autism. There is something about discovering a book that makes you feel less alone, it's a source of comfort & non-judgement as you finally formulate the questions you were afraid to ask, even to yourself of yourself. Glad you found this book.

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