Monday, 2 October 2017

This Weekend I ...

... had a busy time of it.
The Brainy One celebrated a birthday on Saturday
and we marked it by going to the pub for dinner with cousins.
  Nothing fancy, just good company, delicious food
and perhaps one too many glasses of wine.
Sunday saw us up early for the Bicester Scramble in Oxfordshire.  
We've never taken The Boy Child to a car event before because of considerations
about the noise levels, but, as the Bicester Scramble is predominately a static event,
he loved it!
   He also had great fun ordering me to take his photo with what felt like
a gazillion different cars.  That pose?  It's his new 'don't mess with me' pose.
As for me, well, I found it much more enjoyable that I thought I would.
I enjoyed looking out for Instagram-worthy shots
and trying to be arty-farty with depth of field shots.
 We'll definitely be looking to book for the next Scramble.

1 comment:

Patio Postcards said...

Bealted birthday wishes to TBO. That is quite the pose TBC has developed, it says, I think, I mean business. Sometimes those unexpected adventures do capture our attention :)

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