Thursday, 5 October 2017

Weekday Walks | Marylebone

Even though I am now in my thirteenth year of London living,
there is still a large part of the city waiting to be explored.
Recently I spent a happy hour strolling the streets of Marylebone in Central London.
   With the natural boundaries of Marylebone Road to the North, Oxford Street to the South, Great Portland Street to the East and Edgware Road to the West, Marylebone occupies the NW1 and W1 postcodes and is one of London's most sought after residential locations.
Given its proximity to Oxford Street, Marylebone still manages to offer a quiet contrast
to that tourist hotspot.  You'll find pedestrianised shopping alleys like St. Christopher's Place,
gorgeous mansion blocks on Chiltern Street and both fabulous and quirky museums like
Marylebone High Street is, usually, worth spending some time on.
There's a plethora of independent cafes, restaurants and shops, but on my visit,
it was spoilt by a mass of never-ending construction and nose-to-tail traffic. 


Patio Postcards said...

Looks like a really pleasant place to walk about & take tea at the end of the stroll. Deliciously Ella looks very inviting for tea & scones. It is great that you are still exploring.

Melissa said...

Oh, I loved seeing these photos today! The three times I've been to London, we stayed in that area & so I recognize some of these places. Can't wait to visit them again in a few weeks!

alexa said...

I always enjoy your photos of corners of London! I have Deliciously Ella's cookbooks and really like them - didn't know there was a little eatery too.

Maggie said...

Close to my old stomping ground. I lived and worked the other side of Great Portland St.

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