Friday, 6 October 2017

What Caught My Eye #12

"... there's a typical look of the mother:
skin a little ashier than the average woman her age,
hollows under the eyes a little more pronounced,
a smile playing about her lips as the eyes dart nervously, 
wondering what might happen next.
She is sometimes proud, sometimes amused.
She is never quite relaxed."

~ Judith Newman
from her book To Siri, With Love
A Mother, Her Autistic Son and the Kindness of Machines 


Patio Postcards said...

A lovely photo, like the sun peeking through the trees. Your quote is wonderful & I imagine probably reflects how you often feel. Your park looks a wonderful spot to wander.

debs14 said...

What a great quote, I suspect you read it and nodded your head in agreement. A lovely photo there, capturing a sunny autumnal day in England perfectly.

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