Thursday, 28 February 2008

NHS Appointments

My appointment came through today for my apparent "hernia" and surprisingly I only have to wait for 2 weeks - 12 March. And as luck would have it, mum is here then so she will mind DS while I go to the hospital. It's an early appointment, 9.15am, so hopefully I will be back home before DS has had time to miss me!

Sing & Sign

We went back do Sing & Sign today - DS does love it so! The "musical interlude" is his favourite part, as you can see!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Think I've overdone it today because my C/Section scar has been aching since mid-afternoon. Mind you, I did take the dog out this morning and then went out with DS later on.

DS was incredibly active this afternoon and at one point got into the dog's bed...while the dog was in it! Luckily the camera was to hand so have some photos to download. We're Singing & Signing tomorrow morning & I must remember to take the camera, as we all agreed last time that taking photos was fine. None of that PC nonsense for us!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Coffee & Gossip

Only 1 old friend turned up today but it was as if I'd seen her last week. DS had a massive afternoon nap so we were able to catch a good catch-up session without any interruptions.

This morning DS had a lovely old time climbing all over the dog. Unfortunately the sun was just in the wrong place so the photo isn't that great...but still a cute shot!

Monday, 25 February 2008

Bind It All

I finally took a photo of the CJ I made with my new BIA. It's for DH's birthday and will be full of facts & stuff about the year of his birth - 1961.

Time Flies

Somehow I never seem to find the time to blog in daylight hours! There's nothing much to report apart from the fact that 2 former work colleagues are coming to visit tomorrow. I've not seen them for a couple of years so there'll be a lot of gossip to catch up on!

Saturday, 23 February 2008


We've been along the M4 to catch up with baby Eleanor and her family today. At nearly 5 weeks old she is a darling and she was so good all day. I got to have snuggles with her for ages (she was asleep so she was in no position to object!) Her mummy and I took the 2 boys to the swing (only 1 left after vandalism) and I managed to get a gorgeous photo of DS. Sadly the 2 I took of BF's DS were both out of focus - I must learn how to photograph moving images!

Thursday, 21 February 2008


I went to the doctor today for a second/follow up appointment re my C/Section scar. It seems that I may have a post-operative abdominal wall hernia on the LHS - ho hum! The good news is that if I do it can be fixed by key-hole surgery. All I have to do now is wait for an appointment!

Weights & Measures

I took DS to the clinic today as we are on half-term from Sing & Sign. I now know he weighs 25lbz 3ozs (11.44kgs) and is 81.5 cms long. His length puts him in the 97th percentile for his age and the weight puts him in the 75th percentile. So, all things being equal, he should grow to be a good strong tall boy.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Return of the CJ

My CJ arrived home today after spending almost 3 months in York! To add insult to injury, she didn't even bother to complete a DLO so it's come back to me in exactly the same condition it left me in!


My new scrapping tool arrived today! It's lovely, in a lush baby blue colour - will post a pic of it tomorrow. I've already christened it by making a CJ this evening.

DS has a slight rash on his chest and what now looks like a mozzie bite on his thigh from his immunisations but is still in good spirits. He really is a little star!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Everyday Gift LO

I am so pleased with this LO - I scraplifted it from one I saw in a recent edition of Creating Keepsakes magazine. All it is is red & brown Bazzill Bling cardstock, beautiful ribbon Sib gave me ages ago, chipboard hearts & swirls and foam Alphas. I printed the journaling out onto acetate and then tucked one edge under the photo and secured the other edge with a red heart brad. I love it!

Another Funny Old Day

I've been up & down today...started off with stuff on UKS, where I withdrew from a CJ. It wasn't a decision I took lightly but the whole thing became totally shambolic when the girl I sent to ended up having 3 CJs because she hadn't done them. It's been bothering me most of the day and I'm annoyed with myself for allowing "virtual friends", for wont of a better phrase, to get under my skin.

DS finally got to have his 13-month-old immunisations; he really squealed when the MMR one went in, poor lamb but he seemed ok after his lunch and a nap. I managed to aggravate my C/Section scar by pushing DS around the drive on his cute little trike and then lifting him & it over the front step - not good.

On the scrapping front I completed a LO about bathtime, which I'd started yesterday, and completed a CJ entry on Shakespeare. The Nice album is still complete so I really must get that finished! On the accessories front, I've ordered a Bind-It-All, which might arrive tomorrow. Am very excited about that and plan to make a CJ for DH as my first project. No more book ring buying!

Monday, 18 February 2008

Black & White

I've been discovering what my photo printer will do if I bother to learn all its functions! Hence, I can now turn photos from colour into black & white.

I used 2 B&W photos on my LO for this week's UKS Challenge and printed off a photo of DS just because I liked it in B&W. See what you think.

A Fishy Tale

I tried DS on fishcakes for his tea (from the children's range at M&S) and after a tentative start he tucked into them with gusto, which was a bit of a result. Also, he seems to be outgrowing his dislike of the texture of fruit becasue today he has eaten banana, kiwi fruit, grapes, pineapple and made a valliant attempt to eat a slice of satsuma. Previously I've had to add Greek yoghurt to the fruit and blitz it with the hand blender.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Where Does The Time Go?

Here we are at the end of a fab weekend. I took Anna to the crop and think she enjoyed it; she had a go at making a recipe card, scrapped a page in my 'Nice' album and made up a mini-book.

DS has been a dream this weekend and really enjoyed having Anna here. It's just a shame she didn't bring her dog Millie; we thought it best not to given that our dog has been off colour.
DH has tidied up the garden and it looks much better, although we still need a new lawn - considering astro-turf! Anna & I put together DS's new Wheelie Walker as the old one got slightly squshed when DH tripped over it last week! We'll pass it on to Eleanor so we'll get our money's worth in the end.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Catching Up

I meant to post yesterday but the day got away from me...

DS & I went to Sing & Sign, which he loved and the dog went back to the vet.

This afternoon has seen my friend from Nottingham arrive for the weekend. I'm taking her to the Crop I attend tomorrow, in the hope that she'll be inspired and become a scrapper. Just now she is having a lovely time playing on the hall floor with DS!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Lights Out!

Our part of West London suffered a power outage this afternoon, something to do with a cable failure in the next road. It began at 3pm and we didn't get the power back until 8.30pm. Luckily DS ate his pasta cold at teatime and then we took him and the dog to the pub so that we could have something hot to eat. Changing DS's nappy by torchlight before he went to bed must have been a sight to behold!

Thakfully Eddie the Plumber arrived before the outage and has sorted everything out. It looks a whole lot better under the sink now...and, more importantly, dry!!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


I can't actually remember what happened today! How shocking is that?? This evening I've made the mini-book for the UKS swap while waiting for Tesco to turn up with my shopping. It arrived at 9pm when it should have delivered between 4pm & 6pm. Still, they have refunded the delivery charge.

The dog seems to be a little perkier - he has the puppy equivalent of a strep throat, poor thing. He's back to the vet on Thursday.

Monday, 11 February 2008

More of the Same

So...the washer still floods the kitchen...the plumber has been and is coming back on Wednesday PM to fix it. He lives around the corner from us so hopefully will do a proper job 1st time and not fleece us on the price!

So...DS did not have his immunisations today because it seems that 28 days should pass between each batch, only no-one told me this and today is only day 27...don't you just love the inefficiency of the NHS. Next Tuesday now...

But...on the good side, DS went to bed in "Big Boy PJs" for the 1st time and very cute he looked too. A fab present from his Auntie L.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Shimelle's Free Class

Oh, it is, completed at yesterday's crop.

You Know What?

I've just decided that it doesn't actually matter if no-one reads this blog because it makes me feel better doing it and, that in itself, makes it worthwhile.

I've just been looking at a UKS friend's blog and saw this:
"Everyday life is the prayer. How we conduct it, cherish it,celebrate it, consecrate it." ~ so said a lady called Sarah Ban Breathnach.

Today's Good Bit...

...DS has been weaned off bottles for his breakfast & bedtime milk...and surprisingly easy it was too...all before he was 13-months-old. We also discovered that the slobbering & drooling he's been doing is because he has 3 more molars joining the one he already has!

Niagara Falls, West London Style

So here’s a brief account of my day…the washing machine plumbing decided to block and send water back up the drainage pipe, turning the cupboard under the sink into an only slightly smaller version of Niagara Falls. Cue mop buckets under pipe to catch said water and it is at this stage we discover that one of them has a huge split in the side (well, it was only 74p from Tesco, but even so!)…adding to the uproar the dog decides to choose this very moment to throw up on the kitchen floor, amid the rapidly forming puddles. Looking back now I can see that it must have looked hilarious to any onlookers but I can assure you that I suffered a severe sense of humour failure.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Kent Crop Part 2

I had a fab day down in Meopham Village Hall in Kent. The fact that I didn't know anyone turned out to be something of a blessing because I just got on with stuff and didn't faff about. Completed were: the DLO on London, a mini-book based on a Shimelle class I found on her blog and loads of 7x7 pages on my Christmas holiday to Nice in 2001. As for the "Summer" themed mini-book, well I came up against Scrappers Block and got nowhere with it. I think that because it's for a swap on UKS I'm worrying about what the recipient might think...

There was one small blip at the end of the day when their hand-held card reader thingy wouldn't accept my card because it kept losing the connection but worked on other people's cards. Doh! Anyway, hopefully it's sorted out and I've booked a space for the next one in April, although I think they might now be full.

The traffic on the M25 was good to me so I was home in time for a cuddle with DS before he went to bed.

Friday, 8 February 2008

A Really Rubbish Day

The last 24 hours have been really horrible in our house but it's not something I want to share on here...still, tomorrow is another day...the Kent crop...onwards & upwards!

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Kent Crop

I'm going to a crop in Kent on Saturday - all day!! So, with one eye on the new BBC series "Ashes To Ashes", I've been tidying up my stash and mentally making a list of what to take to do. So far, I'll be making a mini-book on the theme of summer and attempting a DLO on my favourite bits of London...sure I'll be able to add to it!

Funny Old Day

DH had to go and see his parents unexpectedly today and took the dog with him, leaving me and DS to do our thing.

And as it was Thursday we went to baby Sing & Sign - classes designed to help your baby communicate through sign language until he is able to talk. Can't say that I'll be much good at it, mainly because I keep forgetting to use the relevant sign, but DS likes the interaction with the other babies and the other mums/nannies seem nice enough.

DS had hollow legs today because he ate a huge lunch & a huge tea - both homecooked, courtesy of Annabel Karmel. In fact, I can't remember the last time he ate anything out of a jar...and that is something I never thought I'd say.

While DS was having his afternoon nap I did manage to finish a LO about my DN...see image above.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Shimelle Laine's Blog

I've been catching up with Shimelle's blog today. How she maintains such a high standard of creativity is beyond me. Some of her stuff is not to my taste or style but I'm looking forward to her class at the Scrapagogo retreat in June.

A Busy Bee

While DS has been asleep this afternoon I've been working with Annabel Karmel again. For those who don't know who she is, she is the domestic goddess for all things child-recipes related. DS will be trying bowtie pasta with tomatoes, mozzarella & parmesan for his tea. Let's hope it's an improvement on last night's pancakes.

Scrapagogo Monthly Kit

The famous yellow pizza box has arrived from Scrapagogo this morning - I just need 10 minutes to have a good look at it.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

As Flat As A Pancake

I tried DS on pancakes this evening for his tea...he was not impressed, with either the cheese one or the mashed banana & maple syrup one. In the end I whizzed up Greek yoghurt with strawberries, raspberries & maple syrup and he scoffed the lot, along with his favourite organic rice cakes and a ginger rusk. Hey ho.

Last Night's LOs

I managed to do 2 12x12 LOs last night. The one for the UKS weekly challenge actually included the use of paint, albeit a very small bit of paint! Can you spot where I've used it?

A Wriggly DS...'s becoming a nightmare to change DS's nappy or to get him dressed/undressed as he just WILL NOT stay still - he's like a slippery eel and I worry that I'm going to hurt him. Giving him something to distract him sometimes does the trick but not always. Is this just a phase or will it get a whole lot worse before it gets better?

Monday, 4 February 2008


So, we're almost at the end of Monday afternoon...DS is asleep, DH is tidying up the back garden with the dog "helping" him and I'm waiting for the tea to brew. I've cooked up Butternut Squash risotto for DS, which he loves, and I've also stewed some apples & blackberries. I also got a mountain of ironing out of the way and have been to order a watercolour birth announcement for baby Eleanor. I'll post a pic of the finished article when I collect it next week.

This evening I'm hoping to sit down with a glass of wine and do some scrapping. This week's challenge on UKScrappers looks good - use paint....

The Impossible Puzzle

Mum gave DH an "impossible puzzle" for Christmas and we've been messing around with it ever since. It is only 9 pieces and the idea is to end up with 6 "sticky-out" bits and 6 "holes" around the edge and no gaps in the middle.
Enter the Horth family, who came to tea yesterday. Dad Paul managed to do it by flipping some of the pieces over so that finished puzzle was a combination of red & black. Didn't say in the instructions that he couldn't do that so we let him have it. Then 19-year-old Becky had a go and within 10 minutes she'd done it! The image shown is the proof...and don't we feel a little dim!

Sunday, 3 February 2008


The husband of mine is concerned that we will become identifiable (not sure I've spelt that correctly!) on this blog so I'm going to use some abbreviations:

DH = Darling Husband
DS = Darling Son
Sib = Sister

(Oh, and for Debs in NZ - a LO is a Layout - aren't you still scrapping?)

Wrapping Up Warm

Our part of West London really felt like winter had arrived today. I've been looking for a baby scarf for DS but haven't had any luck as yet. Then I had a brainwave....Sib had knitted me a lovely short scarf in fluffy red & green wool...just see how cute DS looked in it! I think it will become his for the duration of the winter.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Scrapping Eleanor

Well, now that I've started a blog I'd best write something...have been scrapping this evening and completed a LO about my BF's daughter...1st time in ages I've scrapped a photo "just because". It seems to have received a good reception over on UKS.

I've done it!!

After faffing for ages I've gone and done it...created a blog about being a suburban SAHM. Can't promise that it's going to be mind blowing!!
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