Friday, 30 January 2009

SLYMI: Week 5

Here's this week's challenge: A new challenge for week five...Scrap in Black and White! That might mean a black and white photograph or it might mean lots of black and white papers and embellishments. Or maybe even another way you can interpret the idea of black and white! This week we have a prize up for grabs from fabulous sponsor Make the Moment Last! To be entered in the prize drawing, create a layout for this week's challenge, upload it to the Scrap Like You Mean It gallery and start your title with 'Week 5:' then the name of your layout. Deadline for prize entry is midnight next Wednesday night!
I did enjoy putting this LO together and scraplifted some ideas from Sib's prize winning LO "Poser". The hidden journaling reads, "It is not a slight thing when they, so fresh from God, love us" (so said/wrote Charles Dickens).

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Poorly DS

Poor DS is definately poorly, although it's a bit confusing as most of the time he seems to be fine. He had me up at 4am this morning because he'd been sick and was then sick again at 8.30am. No nursery for him today and I put him on "starvation rations" - plain water and dry food (breadsticks, crackers and a Rich Tea biscuit). The poop end of things seemed to have dried up but DS threw me a curve ball mid afternoon (although much better than last night) with a right stinker! At tea time I tried him on some couscous and he had milk at bedtime; either or both of these were a mistake because when I checked on him at 8.30pm he'd been sick again. I'm now just waiting for his washing to finish. I've also made a list of when things have happened because if he's no better in the morning I'm going to give the doctor a call. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


The big news of the day is that SIL is home from hospital ... yippee! DH has gone back to Derbyshire for another few days and rang me from there to say that he had spoken to her and that she sounded remarkably chipper (which just reinforces my opinion that she is a very remarkable lady). Can I use the word remarkable twice in that last sentence?
The decorating is finished (will photograph in daylight) and my lovely new kitchen curtains are up. We just need a new carpet, for the contractors to come and finish off their list of snags and for the Council to sign off on the job ... and then we'll be done!! Would I do a loft conversion again? Probably not.
DS caught the V&D bug today. When I got him up this morning I found him covered in milky vomit from head to toe, the poor mite, but he still gave me a huge smile and a cheeky chuckle. He kept the "D" part for just before bathtime ... luckily I removed his nappy while he was standing in the empty bath and promptly hosed him down! He's gone to bed tonight wearing his big boy pjs for the 1st time (ITNG pattern, of course!) and looks so grown up, as you can see.

Monday, 26 January 2009


The main piece of news is that we have heard that SIL has had her operation and is back on the ward. That's all we know for now but if all has gone well then she may be allowed home tomorrow.
Some other bits of news: DH came down with the V&D bug overnight but has valliantly soldiered on for most of the day. We are finally seeing new wallpaper appearing on the stairwell. And, last but not least, DS had a playdate with Shania and her Nanny, Ivana. (We met them at the YMCA.)

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Scrap Your Day #10

Considering that I haven't felt too hot today, I managed to a) get out of bed this morning and b) take a reasonable number of photos. I went out with the dog twice today and I needed to sit down each time when I got back! Still, I'm much better than I was yesterday so hopefully tomorrow will see me better yet.

Saturday, 24 January 2009


I'm just off back to bed after a day spent in bed. Yours truly was struck down last night with the dreaded V&D bug, not pleasant at all. Thank goodness DH was back home and could take care of DS. I didn't get out of bed properly today until 4.30pm although I did try at lunchtime. I managed to have a shower and wash my hair but by the end felt so awful I crawled straight back into bed. Hopeful of a better day tomorrow, as tomorrow is Scrap Your Day.
BTW - re the LO The Ex Files: the precrop challenge on UKS provided the subject matter for each team and for the FBI it was The X Files. A play on words, that's all.

Friday, 23 January 2009

New Coat

I treated DS to a new coat today, as the one he was wearing was beginning to show all his midrift! It was a size 18-24 months so I should have expected to buy a replacement sooner or later. What I didn't expect was to pay £22 for it! His last coat was £16 and given that there is no VAT on children's clothing, it's down right daylight robbery!! Blimey, I'm turning into a grumpy old woman! Mind you, as you can see, DS does look very cute in it!

Family Update

As some of you know, DH has spent the last 2 days in Derbyshire with his parents. My FIL fell off a chair trying to put a new battery in the smoke alarm, hurting his back and my MIL had a fall and tore ligaments in her ankle. DH has been trying to speak to Social Services about some sort of help for his parents but apparently they don't fit into any sort of category so any help we end up arranging will have to be funded by us. My SIL is expected in Derbyshire by teatime and DH will then come home this evening, giving the two of them time to discuss their next move. Added to all this worry is the fact that SIL faces her mastectomy and reconstruction early next week. I know that mum has her prayer chain ladies organised on our behalf but I would ask that the rest of you to say a little prayer if you can.


I adapted the sketch to suit my needs - used 3 photos instead of 4. I've used the LO as my PreCrop challenge so it can't be seen on UKS until the CC weekend. Last night I had great fun revisiting the ghosts of boyfriends past ... I made a pocket behind the photos where I've hidden some journaling about the three of them. (And boy, don't I know how lucky I am to have such a good man in DH!)

Thursday, 22 January 2009

SLYMI Week 4

Here's this week's challenge: SCRAP FROM THE SKETCH. Just a few times over the year, our challenge will involve a sketch and this week is one of those! The sketch is attached here...and all you have to do is use it as the inspiration for your layout! Your layout can be on any topic, any size, any colour...but use this sketch as your starting point. You can turn it, flip it, piece it back together or leave it just as it is...whatever you fancy!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

History In The Making

On a normal day in our house the TV in the kitchen is never on during DS's mealtimes. However, today was no normal day. Today DS and I watched history in the making as Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America. I don't mind admitting that I found it quite emotional! DS loved clapping when he heard 2 million people applauding!

"We have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord" ~ President Barack Obama.
"Rosa Parks sat so that Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther King walked so that Barack Obama could run. Barack Obama ran so that we can all fly" ~ Jay Z, American Rapper.

It's Official, I'm A Veteran!

Early on in the New Year I sent off my application form for the Armed Forces Veterans Badge. It always used to bug me that I had nothing to show for 11 years service, apart from some uniform that nobody ever once asked for back when my reserve service was up. Mind you, my Number 1 uniform was issued back in 1985 and bearing in mind that I am now 40 and have had a child, do you think it might still fit?? Anyway, the Under Secretary of State for Defence and Minister for Veterans approved my application and the badge arrived in the post this morning.

Loft Progress #32

Things are moving along nicely. The main loft is almost finished, as is the stairwell. The front gates have had their coat of undercoat ready for the proper paint and the papering is still to be done. The front gates were in need of some attention so it was lucky for us that the workman took a whole load of paint off them when they jetwashed the drive at the end of the build - newly painted gates at no cost to us.

Monday, 19 January 2009

My Beautiful Boy

An American friend of DH's popped round yesterday afternoon to see DS, as she hasn't seen him since he was a proper baby, and she said that DS was beautiful. Now obviously, we think that but it's always so lovely when someone unrelated to you says it as well! Thanks, Suzanne! Here he is just up from his nap earlier today.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

LOs Starring DS

I've been looking in DS's album and it needs updating badly. I must remember not to put every LO with him on into our current year album. For both of these LOs I've used this month's Scrapagogo kit. I sorted through my stash yesyerday afternoon and I really do need to go on a stash diet!! (Sorry that the photos are rubbish.)

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Discover And Do

I managed to capture these lovely shots today of DS at breakfast time, when he was engrossed in the free magazine from Ocado and at lunchtime, when he finally had a go at feeding himself yoghurt (with just a little bit of help from Daddy!).

Book Group

I've decided that I should try and make the best use of my time while DS is at nursery Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and to that end I've joined the local library's book group. It meets once a month on the 1st Thursday from 10am - 11.30am. Perfect. All I have to do before 5th February is to read The Color Purple!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Free Class From Shimelle

If you haven't looked at Shimelle's blog for a while, go do so now. She's running a free class just now just because and, what's more, she even has some goodies to give away. And take a look at this stunning image she is using for the class.

SLYMI Week 3

Here's the challenge from Shimelle this week: Scrap with chipboard! Your page can be about anything you fancy, just dig into your chipboard stash and put something to work! If you're scrapping digitally, use the equivalent in pixels -- those pieces that look like they are popped up off the page. Your chipboard can be letters, accents, or handcut to be whatever you like! Leave it plain, paint it, sand it, emboss it, layer it...just put your chipboard to work! My page is in the gallery here. I mixed some pieces I still had from my very first chipboard purchase (clearly I was saving it because I thought they wouldn't make any more?! Don't worry...they are still making plenty. Let's use it!) along with a brand new set of chipboard letters I just bought the other day! I always find if I mix a bit of the new with a bit of the old, the old stuff isn't noticed...of course now I've gone and told you so you'll probably all be laughing at all my old stash now! And BIG NEWS! We have a prize this week!!! One lucky scrapper will win a prize pack from our lovely sponsor A Card 4 U! And you have to be in it to win it, so make sure you play along: Create a layout with chipboardand upload it to the Scrap Like You Mean It gallery Start the title of the layout with 'Week 3:' (and then you can add your page title after that).Make sure it's there no later than midnight next Wednesday night!All layouts that follow those guidelines will be entered into a drawing and one lucky name will be pulled out to win the prize!Okay...time to get started scrapping!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The Delights Of B&Q

We popped back to B&Q this afternoon (get me, 2 visits in a week!) to choose some paint for the kitchen and wood stain for the new bannister. I remembered to take the camera with me because on Sunday I was quite taken with just how "scrapbookie" paint and wallpaper could be. What do you reckon?


Now I'm not normally one for waxing lyrically about 1st class stamps but I'm really keen on these. Quite impressive, aren't they?

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Loft Progress #31

I know, I know .... the loft still isn't finished but the end is in sight! Today Jim the Decorator arrived and for the next 10 days he will making good all the stuff that went wrong during the build (paid for by the Loft people), repapering the stairwell (I was on my hands & knees in B&Q last Sunday searching through rolls of wallpaper for the exact stuff we wanted!) and painting the main loft room (paid for by us). By the time I came home with DS, Jim had stripped off the old wallpaper, cleared away all the rubbish and started sanding down the plaster! Good man.

A Landmark Occasion

DS went off to nursery by himself this morning for the very first time and I think he enjoyed it on the whole. He was certainly happy enough going in and, as you can see in the photo, he'd spotted the toys before he'd even had time to take his coat off! It was a strange experience for me, I thought I might shed a tear but actually I was okay, probably because DS seemed so excited and happy. He stayed for 2 hours and could have stayed longer but because he began to get upset late morning, the nursery called us and Granny and I picked him up before lunch. By the time he ate his lunch at home normal service was resumed! He goes again on Thursday morning.

Monday, 12 January 2009

UKS Cyber Crop

Yep, it's back and coming to a scrap room near you in early February! The teams this time lean towards detective work and I've been assigned to the FBI (would much rather have joined Richard Armitage in Spooks but he doesn't appear to be available!). I can't guarantee that I'll be able to keep up with the chat or even scrap any of the actual classes but never mind!

SLYMI Challenge - Week 2

Here's the challenge from Shimelle: Scrap with hearts or stars! Your page can be any size, any subject, any colour, but we want to see what you can do with hearts or stars or both! Maybe one big heart or even a star shaped page...or dozens of tiny hearts or stars. Stamp them, punch them, draw them, paint them, find them in your patterned papers....whatever you fancy! When you complete your page, please take a picture and upload it to the Scrap Like You Mean It Gallery. Start your title with 'Week 2:' so we can see which pages go with which challenge, pretty please! I've uploaded my page here to get things started! Happy scrapping! And remember to spread the word about this week's challenge -- have you told your teamies or messaged your scrapping friends to check out Scrap Like You Mean It?
And here's what I came up with ...

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Birthday Tea Party

DS held a small tea party this afternoon to celebrate his birthday. Invited were Bea & Lulu and their mummy Rachel from our YMCA class, my SIL with one of her sons and his girlfriend and DS's Godmother who lives around the corner. And obviously there was me, DH and Granny! We all had a lovely time and the 2 hours whizzed by. Unfortunately, DS did not like us all singing Happy Birthday ...

Friday, 9 January 2009

My Boy Is Two!!

I can hardly believe it but it is true ... DS is 2 today! We've had a very good day. Granny is here with us and this morning we went back to our class at the YMCA, where everyone sang Happy Birthday to DS. He didn't seem too fussed about his presents this morning but he'd got the hang of things by late afternoon - his first workbench has gone down a treat! Here's a snapshot of his day; the final photo shows him tackling a chocolate marshmallow biscuit (after a main course of spaghetti bolognaise).

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Simple Pleasures

Rob the Postie delivered an early birthday present for DS this morning while he was still eating his breakfast (DS, not Rob the Postie!). I've put the parcel to one side until Friday but just look at the fun DS had with the empty box. Who says you have to spend a fortune on toys for little people??

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Journal Your Christmas - The End Is Nigh!

I'm sure you're all pleased to know that the end is in sight for JYC 2008. Here we have NYD, J3, J4, J5 & J6. For some reason I'm having difficulty with getting my ideas for January 2nd onto paper so that will have to follow (or maybe not...)

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