Tuesday, 30 June 2009

SLYMI: Week 26, Take 2

I decided that I wasn't happy with the Smells Like Sunshine LO I did the other day so I re-did it today and am much happier with it. Here it is.

Granny's Visit

Granny arrived yesterday for a 10 day stay and I'm very pleased to see her. The weather is gorgeous and we are able to spend all day outside. The dog's none too happy in his fur coat, though!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Where The Little People Sleep

I've just been up tp check on DS because I couldn't see him on the baby TV. I took the camera with me, thinking that he may have fallen asleep on the floor again. You'll never guess where I found him ... in the bottom of the wardrobe, complete with the cot duvet, Granny Ted and daddy's Helicopter Life magazine! He is now safely back in his big boy bed. I wish DH had been here to see it but think of the LO I'll be able to do for DS's album!! (My SIL told me that she once found one of her boys asleep on a windowsill!)

Saturday, 27 June 2009


DH has left for his business trip in Cape Town and the pooch is already going into a decline before my very eyes! Just as well our brainy nephew has been with us this weekend so the pooch will get a "man-fuss" later tonight! DS is tucked up in his lovely bed and fast asleep. His getting up is still a little on the early side but getting better!
We've just had a torrential downpour here at 9pm; it lasted for all of 5 minutes but was so loud! Thunder has been rumbling since teatime - DS scurried back inside from the garden when he heard a particularly loud rumble - you can see the clouds gathering in these photos, which I took at 5.45pm.
Right, I'm off to make a cuppa before the series finale of CSI: New York.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Arty Farty Shot / SLYMI: Week 26

While my washing on the line this morning, I thought I'd try out the different settings on my camera and here's what I came up with. I then used the image for this week's SLYMI challenge, which was to use stickers ... turns out I only have letter stickers in my stash. Who'd have thought it?? (The choice of yellow for the title may not have been the correct one and I've just added a blue flower to the end of the journaling line.)

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A Life Lesson

Today was a beautiful day; the weather obviously had an affect on my brain because in my wisdom I decided to take DS and the pooch to the Common ... without taking DS's buggy! Now, as most of you know, the Common is just at the end of our road so not that far. Not that far if you're 41 or a Chocolate Labrador, a completely different kettle of fish if you're not quite two and a half! DS managed the walk there quite well, had a lovely time running all over the place but then struggled with the concept of "time to go home for tea". He must have been knackered by this stage because he kept sitting down on the pavement! He didn't really know what he wanted because he shrieked like mad if I made to pick him up and carry him. At this point we passed our neighbour with her teenage daughter and both thought it was hilarious, thanks for that! When we got home the pooch had ice cubes in his water bowl, DS downed a large juice almost in a "one-er" (as Sib would say) and yours truly had ice cubes attached to Pimm's and lemonade!!
So what about that life lesson?? I need to remember that DS isn't going to get being aware of roads and the inherent dangers overnight and DS needs to remember that it's okay to ask for help when he's had enough!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Tuesday: Playdate

This afternoon we met up with Ivana and little Miss S. It's been a gorgeous day and we had fun playing in their garden for an hour, as you can see by this lovely photo. (DH wants me to offer Ivana a job ... would that mean I'd have to go back to paid employment outside of the home???)

SLYMI: Week 25

The challenge this week was to scrap in blue and green. Brown crept into the LO because I couldn't bring myself to have a blue or green dog!

Monday, 22 June 2009

A Kodak Moment

About half an hour after DS had gone for his nap today, I nipped up the stairs to check on him because I couldn't see him on the baby TV. Just look at what I found! Last night he had the best night's sleep so far in his big boy bed but today he was obviously too tired to climb back up onto it and settled for the floor and his cot duvet. Bless him - these are the Mummy Moments I love.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Granny Flat

It's done. The InLaws have officially moved into the granny flat at SIL's house. My poor MIL is terribly confused about it all but, hopefully, after a few days she will begin to settle into her new home. My SIL has worked miracles in getting everything ready, especially when you consider that the removals men only delivered the furniture yesterday afternoon.
Note to self: DS needs the next size up car seat. Somewhere between Heston services and Heathrow on the M4 this afternoon he almost climbed out of the seat completely. At one point I was driving along with my right hand on the wheel and my left hand around DS's ankle! DH was driving his parents in their car and was somewhere ahead of me out of sight. The adrenalin was pumping, I can tell you!!

Friday, 19 June 2009


It's been a funny old day here. Lots of stuff going on that I'm not happy to blog about, hence the shortness of this post. However, 2 good things to share with you: this gorgeous photo of DS with his Grandad and the news that SIL rang to say that she was home safely, as was the InLaws furniture.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

The Big Move: Part 1

So ... after many months in the planning and many £££££s spent on converting the Granny flat at SIL's house, the InLaws have completed part 1 of their move from Derbyshire to Maidenhead ... they are currently here with us and will be for 2 nights while the removals men do their thing. There were times when we thought it may never happen, I can tell you! DS was brilliant with his grandparents, full of cheeky smiles as if he'd seen them just yesterday ... such a charmer!!

London Landmark LOs

I've been able to add 3 more LOs to DS's London album today (as finally DS appears to be having a decent afternoon nap). The photos were taken last week when we went up for Beating Retreat. You have: the Cenotaph, the Mall and the Victoria Memorial.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Wednesday: Playdate

This afternoon we played host to the lovely Shaanya and her equally lovely nanny, Ivana. DS wasn't really up to being the perfect host - he hit S on the head twice! They did make up though and parted as friends, I hope!
The reason for DS's grumpiness is simple - not enough sleep. It's almost a week since he moved into the new bed and he hasn't started his days any later than 5.30am! He took the biscuit this morning with a 4.30am start! Yesterday he wouldn't nap at all in the afternoon and today wasn't much better, although I did manage to coax him into a short nap between 9am-10am. He went to bed this evening at 6.45pm and was obviously ready because he didn't give me any grief! Fingers crossed for a decent start tomorrow ...

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Birthday Present For Grandma

It's my MIL's birthday tomorrow and it's always a struggle to know what to get her as a gift. So I've made her a minibook from 2 sheets of 12x12, which I stitched down the middle. I used DST on the outer edges to make pockets. The pockets hold colour versions of the black & white photos used in the minibook. Let's hope she likes it and doesn't put it away somewhere safe!!

Monday, 15 June 2009

UKS Weekly Challenge

The challenge this week was to: scrap the ladies in your life, use your current favourite technique, follow the sketch and use yellow. It's the quickest challenge I've done in ages! I plan to give this LO to Rachel - she has a design background and I'm sure, that with the right amount of persuasion from me, she'd make a great scrapper! Let's watch this space!

Monday: Playdate

It's a Monday so that means we're back in the rounds of playdates. They can be quite stressful and tedious but how else do the little people learn to interact with each other? The plus side is that the mummies/carers get an hour of grown-up conversation! Today's playdate was hosted by Rachel. DS got roundly scolded for picking her flowers and trying to pull up the lettuce!! And rightly so; Rachel and I both feel that you should have the right to scold a child if it misbehaves in your house (or garden, as in DS's case!). I frequently tell her DD1 to stop sucking her thumb!!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunday Afternoon

We had friends over for tea and cake this afternoon and were able to be in the garden. The friends are a French/Japanese family with 2 children, one aged 5 and one coming up two. The dog loved the visitors because, of course, they only come to our house in order to make a fuss of him! DS discovered that he likes Battenburg slices (his Grandpa would be pleased!) but isn't that keen on the profiterole part of a chocolate profiterole! I discovered that some things are the same in all families: the little girl had a poop, which I mentioned to her daddy. He promptly called out to his wife in Japanese and she came over with the nappy changing kit (you didn't need to be fluent in Japanese to understand what he'd said!!). The wife then looked at me and said that it was a case of "Mummy Nose", ie. no-one else ever smells that a small person has had a poop!! Exactly the same as this family and I even use the same phrase!!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

ER: The Final Series

I have been waiting patiently for months for C4 to show the final series of ER. So imagine my delight when I spot it advertised for 8pm tonight! Ten minutes in and I'm feeling as though I'm missing something ... casual question to DH ... did ER start last weekend (when I was at the GoGo GetAway)? Yes, he says!!! Did you record it for me? Um, no!!!
That's my Saturday evenings sorted for the next 22 weeks or so!

Friday, 12 June 2009

SLYMI: Week 24

This week's challenge is to use felt. My LO is scraplifted from a LO by Kristina Profitt and can be seen on page 83 of July's Scrapbook Trends magazine. To get my butterfly I cut one out on my Cricut and used it as the template ... thanks to Sib for that tip and to Mum who supplied the felt ages ago! The scan isn't that great because of the bulkiness of the LO.

The Big Boy Bed: Part 2

It was 11.30pm last night before DS finally went to sleep and that was only because I went and got in with him! And then to add insult to injury, he was awake at 5.30am! This afternoon's nap was better; I lay down with him and he was asleep within minutes, having wailed for about 20 minutes prior to me laying down with him. He still only had 2 hours. This evening we had a short amount of wailing at the gate before he climbed up onto the bed and had a chat with Granny Ted. The photo shows him just around 9pm when I nipped up to check on him. I left him where he was and will turn him the right way around before I go to bed.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

DS And The Big Boy Bed

Today was the day ... the delivery of DS's big boy bed! However, things are not going to plan! I knew that it wouldn't be plain sailing but at 9.40 pm (the time right now), DS is standing in his doorway and wailing his head off. I went in at 8.30 pm and actually lay down next to him for 40 minutes in the hope that he would get the general idea of what was required of him. (Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars, anyone?) All he did was sit next to me and chatter away while stroking my arm (which in its own little way was very sweet)! I consoled myself with the knowledge that in about 10 years time I shall have to prise him out of bed!! It's gone quiet ... either he has finally dropped off or DH has gone into him ... my guess is the latter.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

SLYMI: Week 23

The challenge was to scrap a self-portrait. This photo from 2 years ago will have to do!

GoGo LOs

So here they are: the LO from Fiona Beckman's Saturday morning class, Jane Dean's Sunday morning workshop and the Lemon Breeze Sketch Challenge. My favourite? Jane's Sunday workshop - absolutely loved it!! Neither Shimelle's or Jane's classes from Saturday afternoon are completely finished as yet ...

DS At 29 Months Old

I almost forgot to photograph DS yesterday as he became 29 months old - too much other stuff going on!! I remembered before going to bed so here he is at 10.30pm last night. Not that great an image but the best I could do!

Images Of London

Before going to Beating Retreat last night, we had time for a short photo session of some London landmarks. I've started a London Landmark album for DS, as you may recall, and I'm aiming for 50 LOs. Now ticked off the list are Buckingham Palace, the Victoria Memorial, Horseguards, the Cenotaph on Whitehall and the Mall.

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