Monday, 1 February 2010

Monday Morning Play Date

We invited DS's little pal, his mummy and baby brother around for a playdate this morning. I'm pleased to say that DS managed the concept of sharing his toys very well. Thomas the Tank Engine was the favourite toy for both boys, and here you can see how much fun they had racing it along the hall floor to each other.


Liz said...

Is that the little boy from the YMCA group? How's his Mum and baby brother doing?
Thomas is always a favourite.

Rhona said...

Little boys do love Thomas - well done to DS for sharing!

humel said...

lol! Great perspective on the shot :-) And oh, isn't sharing hard? Well done little chap!

Bernie said...

I gave Thomas Engine as a gift to my godson for Christmas and his sister loved it as much as he did.
Really cute photo.....:-) Hugs