Monday, 15 March 2010


~ My life in negatives ~
This storage box of negatives has been at my mum's house for years and I finally brought it home here last night. I have a scanner that is capable of scanning negatives and, in my naivety, I thought it would be a simple process. Not so; I used up all of DS's nap time during to get it to work, and in the end admitted defeat, having got absolutely nowhere.


Bernie said...

Perhaps your DH can help you with it......I'm sure you will all enjoy the older pictures...Hugs

Ann said...

That box looks very organised. You know what they say, 'patience is a virtue' and 'two heads are better than one'! Maybe DH can help.
I'm sure he would never admit to not being able to do something you can't - it's a male thing ;)

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