Wednesday, 24 March 2010


~ Derelict houses next door to DS's nursery ~
The 2 houses have been boarded up for as long as DS has been going to nursery, and he started there in January 2009. Two men were lurking in the back gardens recently and when I asked them what they were up to, they said, "Rat catching!" Just what you want close to little people ... not.


Photographing Mom said...

What stories those windows could tell...Ewwww about the rats!

humel said...

Ewwww indeed!! Great shot though, reeally atmospheric :-)

Jane said...

Great photo!!! I love old derelict buildings.

Alberta is rat free - supposedly - they say there is a rat patrol even, at the borders!! You're not even allowed to keep rats as pets here - totally illegal!! It's even on the info part on the Disney Ratatouille dvd!!

Bernie said...

Whatever would they do with rats? They would make me a bit nervous around children.......:-) Hugs