Friday, 30 April 2010

Week In The Life: Wednesday's Pages

I mixed things up a little for Wednesday's pages ~ not much stamping and more smaller photos. And I'm thinking that the bottom left corner of the insert pages needs a little something, I'm just not sure what!
The 7x5 shot is DS in the 'sin bin' ~ time out in his room. Don't you just love the expression on his face? Priceless. There's even a self-portrait and an attempt at a self-portrait of my silhouette, even if it does make me look like a deformed elephant!
Any suggestions for that bottom left corner?


~ Mid-morning snack for DS and me ~

Thursday, 29 April 2010

House Party Sunday

So ... just a small head's up ... Saturday night/ Sunday morning (depending where you are in the world) sees a House Party happening ... and you're all invited.
If you live in the UK, the party goes live at 5am, Sunday, but, don't worry, I won't expect you to call in then! There'll be plenty of time during Sunday for you to drop by to meet me and my friends, and I do hope you will.
In the mean time, here's an uninspiring view of my front door for you to peruse ... Oh, and did I mention that there will be a 'house-warming' gift for one lucky guest?


~ Lunch ~

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Kisses On A Postcard

My sister sent me this book today as a JBP, isn't that the best title? I've talked about JBPs before, but in case you don't remember or haven't been reading this blog long, I'll explain. A JBP is a Just Because Present ~ something that you send to a friend or loved one just because. It needn't be expensive, it needn't be unusual. It's a JBP just because you think the recipient will like it.
Here's what the blurb on the back has to say: "When you get there", Mum said, "you find out your new address and you write it on the card. Then you post it at once. Now, the code. Our secret code ... You know how to write a kiss? Well, put one kiss if it's horrible and I'll come straight there and bring you back home. You put two kisses if it's all right. And three kisses if it's really nice. D'you see? Then I'll know."
I can't wait to find out how many kisses they put.

Week In The Life: Tuesday's Pages

You might notice that some photos have been printed in black & white for Tuesday's pages in the Week In The Life album: the shot of my feet (my poor, overworked feet!) and the shots of the fair on the Common and the metal arch leading into the rose garden on the edge of the Common.
There was no particular reason for choosing those shots, I just thought they would add interest to the DLO. However, I did specifically choose the shot of the church at the end of our road for the 7x5 image. Not because it was the best shot of the day, but because I like how, if you didn't know, you might think the church was in a rural setting. In actuality, it's about 500 metres from the hideous North Circular (A406). (There's a huge amount of British social and political history connected to this church; I'll do a post on it soon.)
I included the shot of the homeless man to remind me to count my blessings and to think of others ~ which is also why I stamped the word 'remember' underneath it. That's the 2nd time I've photographed him in the church doorway and last week I discovered his pal sleeping rough under the huge Oak tree on the Common.


~ No prizes for guessing which way the occupants of this house will vote on 6th May ~

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Week In The Life: Monday's Pages

Thanks to an extremely detailed and informative post from Ali earlier, I have now tackled Monday's pages for the Week In The Life project. I must admit to shamelessly copying Ali's idea, but I'm sure she won't mind!
The DLO on the green cardstock will become the main left and right pages for Monday. I'm using up Scenic Route's Garden Grove range of papers and will be bereft when it is finally gone. The purple cardstock is cut slightly smaller than the green. The pages will be stuck back to back and then go inside a page protector, which in turn will sit in the middle of the green DLO.
There's also some journaling to add. I'm using the same size as the purple cardstock for that, but am currently undecided whether to add it as another page in its own right, or to tuck it behind the 7x5 photo on the green DLO. I shall probably add more photos to it, as well.
You might like to know that I used the clock idea, the time I got up and the time I went to bed, during the 12 months I did Scrap Your Day and thought the idea had a place here. The AM clock is above the door in our family bathroom and the funky PM clock is new in DS's playroom.


Monday, 26 April 2010

Week In The Life: The Statistics

1) I took the most photos on Thursday (65) and the least on Tuesday (39)
2) I'm really rubbish at food shopping (but I already knew that)
3) I'm good at collecting up receipts
4) I photographed signs of Spring every day
5) I photographed DS every single day
6) I remembered the self-timer option on Sunday
7) I photographed the remains, if any, of DS's tea every single day
8) I have the basic album made and ready to go
9) All I need now is the inspiration to strike

Week In The Life: Snapshot Sunday

~ Some of what happened in my world yesterday ~


Sunday, 25 April 2010

Scrap Weekly 2010

Challenge 17 is now up on the Scrap Weekly 2010 blog and has been set by Helen. If paints are your thing, then this week's challenge is the one for you! Apologies are offered for the lack of a challenge last week ~ technical difficulties beyond my control.
A note for your diary: challenge #18 will be set by me, so I do hope some of you will be able to play along in early May.

Week In The Life: Snapshot Saturday

~ Some of what happened in my world yesterday ~


~ Great way to start a Sunday ~

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Wall Art

As well as buying the number decals for the playroom recently, I also bought a ready-made phrase for DS's bedroom wall.
It's something that he likes to say at bedtime, and it looks as though he has given it the seal of approval.


Week In The Life: Snapshot Friday

~ Some of what happened in my world yesterday ~

Friday, 23 April 2010

Week In The Life: Snapshot Thursday

~ Some of what happened in my world yesterday ~

Week In The Life: Album Cover

When I join a project like Week In The Life, I normally scrap the day(s) as I go along. Not so this time, I'm waiting to play along with Ali next week. All I've done so far is make the album, which is 7"x8.5" (I know, I shouldn't mix decimal with metric, but how do you show a half inch measurement without it looking like this ~ 81/2?) I've chosen to work with really bright Spring colours, so the pages are made from Green Apple and Grape cardstock from Creative Memories. The cover is a sheet from the 'Natural Beauty' pack by Creative Memories; I used brown Stazon ink and Banana Frog's large Pharmacy stamps for the title; the butterflies are punched and inked and then mounted on Grape cardstock and the metal embellishments were found in my stash. Once the album is finished, I'll use my BIA to hold the album together.


Thursday, 22 April 2010

Number Crunching

I bought wall decals for the new playroom a few weeks ago, but we had to allow a minimum of 3 weeks to pass before adhering them to newly painted walls. I'd been expecting them to be difficult to apply, so you can imagine my relief when I realised just how easy it was. This corner is between the lounge doors (left of photo) and the kitchen doors (out of shot on the right of the photo.)
I didn't photograph the wall between the kitchen doors and the back door, because the numbers are more than a little wonky! Two lessons learnt: 1) don't use your finger to rub them firmly onto the wall. Use the edge of a credit card, as suggested in the instructions, otherwise you get a blister on your finger and 2) don't chat to your mum while positioning them on the wall. They will be wonky.

Week In The Life: Snapshot Wednesday

~ Some of what happened in my world yesterday ~


~ From tiny acorns, grow mighty Oaks ~

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Week In The Life: Snapshot Monday

~ Just some of what happened in my world yesterday ~

Toot! Toot!

Forgive me while I big myself up ... it's my blog and I can if I want to! Shimelle has very kindly chosen my LO to win her Scrap two 6x4 photos Challenge. Eek! I never win anything, so I am chuffed to bits!
Thanks to Mel for informing me that I'd won, and I hope she feels much better soon.
(Photo: me, May 2001)


Monday, 19 April 2010


~The Tunnel King (complete with smudge on nose) ~
Eat your heart out, Steve McQueen!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Shimelle's Party #3

Another simple challenge from Shimelle's Scrap Party: follow the sketch. And as it happens, this LO also fits her challenge to use your own handwriting.
It's Lossiemouth, of course, and the journaling reads: One of my favourite places in the whole world. And where I'll end my days.

Shimelle's Party #2

A challenge from Shimelle's party yesterday was to scrap two 6x4 photos. Nice and simple, my kind of challenge! The 2 photos show the recent arrival of Spring in our neighbourhood.
I used Scenic Route's Garden Grove patterned paper, Bazzill pop dot cardstock, fabric alphas from American Crafts, and yellow velvet rikrak from my stash.
I finished off with zigzag stitching around the photos in red thread. If I can carry on using up my stash at this rate, I'll be able to go on a shopping spree by the summer ~ yay!


~ The ironing mountain has been conquered ~

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Shimelle's Having A Party!

Over on her blog this weekend, Shimelle is hosting an online crop with challenges galore, and even some prizes on offer. Do pop across and take a look; there's loads going on. So far I've only managed one challenge, which was to use bunting.As you can see, I opted to scrap the photo of my washing! I also tried to remember Shimelle's advice from her Something From {Almost} Nothing class by using stash I've had for ages ~ large pale yellow brads, buttons and Bazzill's Just The Edge strips. I cut triangles on my Cricut, one and a half inches, for the bunting and deliberately laid them on the cardstock anyway which way, because that is how my washing usually looks on the line. Isn't the patterned paper just brilliant? It's by Prima, and I wish I'd bought more than one sheet!
I used repositionable glue to hold them in place while I stitched the washing line and I used Stazon ink and Banana Frog's large Pharmacy stamps for 'smells' and 'like'.
I hope to be able to take part in more challenges tomorrow, but we'll see. What about you? Are you managing to join Shimelle's party?


~ Smells like Summer ~

Friday, 16 April 2010


~ Scrappers block ~
I've been trying to plan and make my album for next week's Week In The Life project, but I appear to have been struck down by scrappers block. I'm getting nowhere fast, and I'm losing patience with it. Hardly a great start, is it?! I think the main problem is that I don't have enough product of any one line to create an album that matches from start to finish; that's what happens when you put yourself on a stash diet!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Things We Scrap

If you had said to me five years ago that, once I became a mother, I would create "montages" of photos about the most mundane things, I would have laughed. But then I discovered scrapbooking ...
My recent LO? All about DS having his haircut!
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