Monday, 3 May 2010

Week In The Life: Friday's Pages

Friday was the day that Granny had to go home. It was also the only day that week where I didn't have to go to the shops for anything at all! We spent the morning on the Common, and during DS's nap time (and mum had left) I used the self-timer to photograph myself reading and enjoying the sunshine from the sofa in the playroom.


humel said...

More great pages, Ruth - this is building up into a fabulous album :-)


happy pages of life being well lived! great job, thanks for sharing....I can see that you take great pleasure in being a SAHM! I do the same!

ciao bella
you make me smile too!

creative carmelina

Liz said...

Great pages. Don't you just love the self timer....and reading in the sunshine! :0)

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