Friday, 10 September 2010

253/365 & I Know What It Is

~ A bored Beagle puppy ~
I know it looks as though DS is poking her in the eye, but that wasn't the case. Poor camera positioning, is all. We met her again about an hour later on the Common and DS had a lovely time running around with her and our pooch. Her owners are Russian and have moved here because of the husband's job. The wife, Irina, seemed very nice, so I do hope that I've made a new friend.
And as for yesterday's shot ~ it's a huge event for the Muslim festival of Eid, which I think occurs at the end of Ramadam. There were thousands of people on the Common by 10:30am this morning (and most of them scared of the dog). From what I could see, I think the largest marquee is a form of temporary mosque. You can imagine what a nightmare parking is around the local roads ~ dog walking residents that I met this morning are none too happy.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Ruth Sweetie...
What a beautiful share of your DS and the precious little beagle just yearning to be played with by a small boy. Just precious.

Now I just want to add that I read your previous posts, and while other people do mean well in their opinions of how we raise our children, you and DH must do what you feel is best for DS. Even grandmotherlies do not know your child like you do. Just keep that in mind sweet one. He is your DS to raise.

Have a beautiful weekend sweetie. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

Amy said...

Ahh, Sherry has great advice Ruth!
Perhaps the young man needs his own puppy ;-)

Rhona said...

I also agree with Sherry, you know your son best and I'm sure your motherly instinct will lead you to do what's best for both him and you.
As for that little dog, who wouldn't want to play with him? Hope you're weekend isn't too noisy/busy with everyone on the common. Have a great one regardless x

humel said...

What a gorgeous dog! :-) Shame about the traffic and car parking issues - I hope it isn't too disruptive for you xx

Liz said...

The pair of them are so cute. I'm pleased to hear that Hs finger wasn't in the poor pooches eye!!