Tuesday, 14 September 2010


~ I think it's a conspiracy ~
Yesterday's chocolate Santas were seen in the supermarket. These cards are on sale in M&S, and have been for about a week. What are earth are the retailers up to? DH reckons that it makes good business sense when times are hard ~ Christmas is the biggest occasion for retailers, so why not start as early as possible? Not in my world, please!


Sian said...

It's way too early for my liking too - it spoils the fun nearer the time I think.

Lulu said...

On the other hand it does spread the cost of what is a stupidly expensive time of year...just a thought and doesn't mean I like it either BTW!

Rhona said...

I don't normally like to think about Christmas until after Halloween. This year may be a bit different with Claire's baby due mid November - I may need to do some shopping earlier than normal - but not yet!!

Deb said...

Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year here too, Ruth. It really irritates me. I love Christmas...love planning for it and making things...but the commercialism really turns me off.

It does make for a nice blog post though! ;o)

humel said...

It's not right, is it? *sigh*.... I shall keep averting my eyes from similar displays in my local shops, until I'm ready to accept that Christmas is actually near!

Great pics to include in your 365 though :-)