Wednesday, 6 October 2010


~ Meltdown ~
DS is finding the new routine, coupled with giving up his afternoon nap, something of a trial this week.  Yours truly managed to get herself told off by the Head of the Nursery this lunch time.  I'd tried to fit too much into the 3 hours DS was away from me and ended up rushing to the school like a mad woman.  I arrived at bang on 11.45, but some of the children had already been collected and DS was "anxious" (read: crying) that I wasn't there.  Ho, hum.  I was not impressed with the teacher at all, but I did manage to hold my tongue and not remind her that, if she wanted to discuss punctuality, nursery begins at 8.45am and not when they decide to open the gates some time after that!


Amy said...

Oh dear. He will get used to the routine soon enough ... as for class punctuality - our pre-school sounds very similar. Often we are all waiting outside of the door with the kids running around like maniacs and all the Mums desperate to get out to whatever it is we need to do child-free!

The Young Lady has just asked 'Who's dat?' while viewing this page ... I explained who DS was, that he goes to pre-school like her and it was his Mummy who sent over the frogs .... she's quite impressed!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I hate it when someone tries to tell me that sauce for the goose isn't sauce for the gander. But it's probably best to hold your tongue like you did and just tell us about it here. How infuriating, though, that she would scold you when they do the exact same thing every morning!



humel said...

Poor lad - and poor you! That's rotten to be told off when you weren't even late and they often are - I admire your restraint xx

Liz said...

Oh dear!!

I don't know how you held your tongue. I would have politely told her that 11.45 is pick up time and if other parents (and the school) wish to release/pick up their children early that is their choice but you were not late and don't take kindly to being told so.

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