Monday, 25 October 2010

Shimelle's New Class: True Stories & A Just Because GiveAway

Shimelle's new online class began today and it's all about putting pen to paper.  No computer wizardry required, not even the creation of a new scrapbook album, unless you want to. 
No, all that was needed today was a pen and a notebook ...
Can you believe that I was able to immediately put my hand on 6 notebooks?  Mind you, each of them tells a story.  For example, the top one was a gift from my mum ~ isn't it beautiful?  And, in real life, it's so very tactile and has perfect appeal for a scrapbooker.
In all honesty, I'm thinking that I probably do have too many notebooks.  No, it's true.  They take up valuable storage space, which could be used for scrapbook stash, and a girl can only really write in one at a time.
So.  In recognition of Shimelle's new class and the fact that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I have decided to give away my Smythson leather bound Think Pink notebook.
If you would like to win this beautiful, nay, divine notebook, tell me who you would write a letter to and what would you say?  (The imaginary recipient can be either alive or dead.)  I'll draw a winner on Sunday evening, 31st.


humel said...

Oh, how gorgeous :-) What a lovely collection of notebooks!

I've been lucky enough to win two prizes from you already (and, like you, I have a collection of notebooks - though that didn't stop me from buying a new one for class....) But anyway, I won't enter this time, to give someone else a chance xx

Sheila said...

Can i enter please? How kind of you to organise a give-away!
I would write a letter to a historical person, ive never been someone who has wanted to look up their family tree even though i love history, so i would write to an unknown person. My favourite period in history is 1916 in Ireland, and i think i'd write to Padraig Pearse, id want to know all about his personal feelings and why he did what he did.

Sandie said...

Hi Ruth, it's a very generous give-away and since I LOVE pink I would like to enter please.
I would write a letter to my Nan. We were close and she died some 25 years ago. I have done some research since for my family tree and learned so many things about her that I did not know. My Nan lived in a childrens home for a while after her own mother died, and I wish I had talked to her and found out more about her life while I had the chance.

Amy said...

Ruth, you can't give that gem away .. you are far too generous! Though, I suppose you have many at hand and will cope with the loss ;-)

I always think I would like to write to my future kids but I get stumped with what to say - I love it when I see people writing all sorts of advice for their children .... I get bamboozled!

Just back checking the bikkies and the cake recipes from Sunday ... the oven is on and the ingredients are at the ready - stay tuned!

Liz said...

I'd probably write to Dad and tell him all about our boys and how great they are.

I'll leave it at that otherwise I'll get upset thinking about it.

I still have my small treasures book you bought me and the only thing in it is your wedding!!

debs14 said...

What a generous give-away, it looks so beautiful.
I think I would write to my dad. My dad died before my son was born and my son has grown to be so much like the grandad he never met, it really is quite amazing. To see photos of my dad as a young man in the army is like looking at a sepia picture of my son. He would also be so proud to see how the little toddler that was my daughter at that time has grown into a beautiful young woman.

Kirsty.A said...

Well, I would definitely like to enter - this is timely. I planned to use a small mini album I'd had for ages for True Stories (I love other people's mini albums but never get round to making my own - I prefer larger formats)However I haven't completed Prompt 1 yet and am already half way through so I will have to buy a notebook, unless I'm lucky in your draw :) What have I filled my mini book with? A letter of advice to my son. He is disabled and now he's 8 it is is time he knew the full story of what happened and what I hope for him in the future. I will blog the letter when I'm happy with it, but not until I've read it to R first.
So, here's hoping!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Hi Ruth ~ I'm not signed up for Shimelle's class, but I could always use a pretty notebook! :o)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

You have a wonderful collection of notebooks!

I haven't written an actual letter in ages but probably I'd write one to my parents about how things are going here since we only see them 2x a year

Sian said...

What a great question! I think I would probably write to my Grandpa because he was the one who taught the value of a good letter

Rhona said...

What a lovely notebook and I love the colour :)
As for who I would write a letter to, it would probably be my grandparents. We moved to SA when I was 3 and the only grandparent I got to see after that was my grandmother who was 93 when we met. I never really knew them and would love to find out more about their lives.

Lulu said...

Hey Ruth! What a fab idea and giveaway! I think I'd have to write to my oldest school friend Sarah - we lost touch after I got married and moved away with work and I'd love to know how she is, what her 2 boys are doing now and how life has treated her. As far as I know she isn't aware that I have 2 'smalls' of my own so I'd love to share that news with her too. It's been way to long and I think it's time to look Sarah up. Now, where to start?

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Ruth Sweetie...
Oh what a beautiful gift of love. I would love to enter please.

I would write a letter to my precious niece Amy, who passed away 1 year ago, October 23rd. I would tell her how much I love her, and how much we miss her. How I still hear her giggle, and I have seen her flutter about in the butterflies of late. How I am convinced that it was she that brushed my hair when I was in the hospital in May, when I could hardly breathe, I knew it was her, telling me it would be okay. Yes, it would be to my Amy Girl. She still walks among us in our Memories. She will never be forgotten.

Thank you Ruth for letting me share. It has been a hard month.

I hope DS is feeling better. It is hard when they are sick.

Many hugs sweetie and SO much love, Sherry

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