Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Happy News For Britain

(Photo: Yahoo news)

I couldn't end the day without a comment about the news that Prince William is to marry Kate Middleton.  From a personal view, I think it's terrific news.  She seems to be lovely and he is turning into a future king we can be very proud of.  In fact, I said as much about him on Sunday when we learnt that he was in Afghanistan with the troops for Remembrance Sunday.
I think that between now and their wedding, I shall keep an eye out for tasteless wedding memorabilia tat and then hopefully amuse you with tales about how hideous something is.
Oh, and I reckon someone did Kate's hair, because I've never seen it looking so sleek and as gorgeous before!


Bernie said...

I was so excited as I watched the interview and press conference. I so love the Royal Family and like you I think he has chosen well, she is beautiful.....:-) Hugs

Rhona said...

Great news and, as Emily says, about time ;o) They seem very relaxed in each others company and seem well suited. Here's to a Royal wedding next year :o)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I watched all the news segments on this, and I am just thrilled for them! And I cried when I saw that he had given her Princess Diana's ring and also what he said about wanting his mother to be a part of their celebration. I think he is a star for sure, and so is she. They are a formidable couple, and I think they are wise beyond their years in many ways. Love them both!

I dedicated my post today to them.


Sheila :-)

Liz said...

Sppoky though how she's in blue just like William's Mum was!!!!

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