Thursday, 2 December 2010

December Daily - The 2nd

The entry for today is all about the weather (such a British thing to do, discussing the weather ...)
Top left shows a greeting I spotted, which had been written in the snow on a parked car.  Top right shows the text message I received around 7.30am this morning.  Bottom middle is the snow on our front gates and bottom right is our wellies, as previously seen in the shot of the day.
The journaling reads: There was a snowfall overnight, but not too much to worry about.  It was a simple case of donning our wellies and getting on with it.  By early evening, a fair amount of the snow had already disappeared and although I don't think the temperature rose above 0C, it felt 'warmer' when compared to the last few days.

Day 2 of Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas is always about the weather.  My entry for the 2 December 2008 reads: I don't have any clear memories of snow falling on Christmas Day when we were children, although it did once fall on Boxing Day.  Snow in the 70s and 80s was horrible!  All slushy and grey within 24 hours.  The last five years has seen snow falling of a much better quality, but I still don't like the stuff very much!
3C, clear, rain showers.
You can see the original post here.


Amy said...

Groaning about the weather is universal I have decided! Actually, I think it could be the answer to world peace - it is something we all have in common! ;-)

Rhona said...

Doesn't sound like you've had that much snow up your way - would you like some of ours? I'm getting to the stage where I'd like to be able to get out again but our road is more or less snowed in and I'm not the most confident driver in snowy conditions :( xx

Vieve said...

Cute page! I want to do a weather page eventually, but no snow yet. I don't really like the stuff either ;) But at least up here in the east coast it is pretty!

Anonymous said...

So very cute. My favorite picture is of the boots lined up.

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