Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Never Work With Animals And Children

The pooch is here with me and DS this week, as DH is not in a position to look after him.  He's a simple soul, the pooch, and puts up with all the strife that DS aims his way.
On Monday evening, just as I was about to head off in to the cold and dark with the pooch for the evening constitutional, I realised that he was lame ~ his right hind leg was pulled up almost to his ear.  It was all rather perturbing, as I couldn't work out how he'd done it.  Cue a quick call to the nearest vet and 20 minutes later, and £30 lighter, we were back home and the pooch was as high as a kite, dosed up on morphine.  He pretty much lay in the same position all evening.  He couldn't stand to go out for his bedtime wee.  He was still in the same spot come Tuesday morning.
By the time I came home from meeting Mel (my mum having reassured me that he would be fine with her), he was at the front door, tail waving.  Nothing short of a miracle.  A follow-up appointment with the vet happened Tuesday afternoon (and another £20): he was also amazed at the difference less than 24 hours had made.  A process of elimination occurred and the vet and I were able to piece together what had happened.
On Monday afternoon DS had climbed into the pooch's bed, while the pooch was asleep in it.  DS likes to do this in order to fuss the pooch.  The pooch tolerates this behaviour.  However, DS sitting on the pooch's leg is not a good idea.  The end result is a dislocated patella (kneecap) for the pooch.  Ouch.  He, and we, were lucky that it popped back in of its own accord and without serious damage occurring.  And lucky that a vet could see him so quickly and worth the unexpected outlay of £50.
The pooch is giving DS a very wide berth!


Rhona said...

Poor pooch! He looks a really lovely dog and I'm sure it won't be long before he's tolerating DS again ;o) xx

humel said...

So glad he's all OK again - The Girl has been quite concerned! xx

Beverly said...

Having had both knees operated on I can empathize with poor Pooch
:( So glad he was able to be drugged up so he could rest comfortably and it took care of itself. Don't think DS would be allowed in my bed lol

♥♥ Liz ♥♥ said...

Poor old pooch. Glad he's all mended. He'll need to be all the walking he'll do up here x

Denise said...

Poor doggy, glad he is all better now x