Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I heard today that the country town of Wootton Bassett is to be awarded the prefix of Royal, an honour approved directly by the Queen.  It is through this small town that the British Forces repatriate our war dead from Iraq and Afghanistan.  The local people have gathered to pay their respects on far too many occasions, in all weathers, since 2007 and long before the media arrived in full force to beam such personal loss and tragedy into our homes and lives.  Wootton Bassett is a town I know well, as it is the nearest town to the large RAF base where I was stationed in the mid 1980s.
Our Prime Minister said today that Her Majesty had agreed to the tribute as "an enduring symbol of the nation's admiration and our gratitude to the people of that town".  Mr Cameron told the House of Commons: "Their deeply moving and dignified demonstrations of respect and mourning have shown the deep bond between the public and our armed forces."
An honour long overdue.  Some of you may feel that on occasion my blog is perhaps a little bit too pro-military.  You'd be right and I make no apology for that.  The British have an unbreakable covenant with those who choose to defend the freedoms we enjoy.  And it's no good saying, "but I don't know anyone connected to the Forces."  Because you do: the guys who empty your bins when the binmen are on strike and the guys who drive your ambulances and fire engines when ambulance men and firemen are on strike.


♥♥ Liz ♥♥ said...

That's good news.

humel said...

I was pleased to hear this on the news myself - it's a worthy honour and recognises all the people of Wootton Bassett have done.

Ladkyis said...

Both my sons were in the army, between them they served in Kosovo, the first Gulf war, Northern Ireland and they were also part of B.A.O.R. My D-i-L is still serving and was in the second Gulf war.
I am so proud of them it puts tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat.

Rhona said...

Very well deserved x