Sunday, 6 March 2011

Yesterday & Today: Week 9

One of my favourite scrapping projects this week ~ recording all the details of your day.  (Remember last year's Week In The Life?  I guess it's something that Ali Edwards is also a fan of.)
As luck would have it, I chose the Friday of half-term week, when DS and I were at my mum's house.  A different routine for me and DS, my mum was sick (she was hit first with that awful bug) and an afternoon with my aunt and uncle.
I really like the effect of the half clocks up against the side of the title ~ something that I'd never have thought of by myself.
And did you realise that I am obviously still struggling with PSE9 and how it all works?  It would have been much quicker and far less fiddly if I could have worked out how the blur tool actually works. 


humel said...

Super layout Ruth, I love everything about it! I saw Ali mentioned the last week in July as a possibility for Week in the Life, I think I'll play along this year :-)

(PS Re blur: I find the quickest way often is to use the paintbrush tool at an appropriate size and use the colour picker to match the background - doesn't give the neatest results but can be quicker if you have lots of separate areas to blur out x)

♥♥ Liz ♥♥ said...

The clocks look great. I would never have thought of that. Ditto for the blurring x

Sian said...

It looks fabulous - I wish all the time that I had known how to do pages like this when my kids were little.

If you have Picasa I blur by using its retouch button.

Rhona said...

I love this idea and your layout turned out brilliantly. I also love the clocks next to the title. xx

Amy said...

Ruth, the layout is great ... I don't know how to use the blur tool either, I use the brush tool and make sure I use a very soft brush and like Mel, select the colour to the background - not as neat a tidy as the blur tool I'm sure, but quick and effective!