Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Project Life: Week 2

Week 2 was the trip North to visit my sister and her family.  The LHS shows a little of what we did and where we went.
I added 6 extra photos, using up the remaining 12x12 page protector I'd cut up for week 1.  The top photo is a view of a very busy motorway, which I felt needed to be included ~ it's still part of the story, isn't it? 
The LHS shows me at the "diesel shop", so called by DS, and the accompanying receipt.  We bought the baklava from a market stall in town ~ it was delicious (and it turned out that the 2 guys running the stall come from my bit of West London).
I also recorded the evening meals we ate.  That's going to be a continuous theme, I think.  The Venison Wellington served up by my BIL was delicious!


Alison said...

I like the sound of Venison Wellington!
Alison xx

♥♥ Liz ♥♥ said...

What a shame there are no pictures of the illusive BIL or the Venison Wellie for that matter!! I've finished my first week and have started collecting for this week, Are you impressed? xxx

Oh and I've "borrowed your Blurking post as I'm not doing BBfS :0)

Miss Smith said...

Lovely pages :D

humel said...

Oh my, that is a busy motorway! But as you say, it's part of the story :) I'm so loving this project! xx

Sian said...

I like the sound of the Venison wellington too:)

Rhona said...

Great to see week 2 of Project Life, I finally had notification that my package has come through customs but I had to pay extra before they'd deliver it!! Hopefully getting it tomorrow :) xx

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I love venison. My dad was a hunter (is there any wonder with his Scottish roots?), and we ate it a lot. We had a freezer full of it after hunting season.

Glad you had fun, Ruth!


Sheila :-)

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