Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Watching & Listening

On her blog on Monday, Becky Higgins wrote, "If you watch and listen carefully, you'll notice a lot of blessings in store for you."
Coming home from Nursery yesterday lunch time, DS said, "Mummy, the church is open.  Let's go in."
So we did.
I found calm.
I found peace.
I heard the sound of silence.
I felt the presence of God.


Amy said...

Our children are wise beyond their years - something I know I can take for granted. I am glad you were able to share this moment with your DS :-)

Alison said...

These are the moments we DO want to remember..totally unexpected, but so meaningful
Alison xx

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Oh, that's awesome, Ruth. I love this. I felt the same way when we stepped into the chapel in Sedona a few weeks ago. The photo of the church is so beautiful too! Blessings to you, my friend. xo

Photographing Mom said...

Happy for you, Ruth! An absolutely beautiful church, too!!

debs14 said...

There is such a feeling of peace and tranquility in a church isn't there. The atmosphere of quiet contemplation is just so relaxing and reassuring. It looks a beautiful church too.

Bernie said...

Those are the best times I have spent at church, just me. So glad DS noticed the church was open and you took him in for a visit.....:-)Hugs

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