Monday, 18 July 2011

Design Your Life: Week 10

This week, it's all about colour ~ monochromatic, analagous, complementary, split complementary and triadic.  Who knew that such basic colour harmonies existed?  Not me.  Truth be told, I've struggled with colour this week.  You see, when I scrap, I chose colours and patterned papers because I like them and because they go with my photo/s.  The scientific side of colour doesn't enter my head at all.
Assignment #1 was to find one photo and four colours ...
I suppose I managed four, if you count two shades of pink and the white of the alphas.
Assignment #2 was to create a two-page spread using a colour as part of a triadic colour scheme.  What?  Ah, yes.  Triadic ~ three hues spaced evenly around the colour wheel.
I'd say that I failed on that score.  Three colours, yes, but that's about it.  I do actually like the overall look of this DLO, so that's something.  I'm not sure about the glaring white space to the right of the title, though.
Assignment #3 was also supposed to use the Find Four colour method, but as I used a black & white photograph, I rather scuppered that idea!  Still, it's amazing to see just how many shades of black there actually are ...

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Denise said...

You're doing so well with your courses, these are lovely,and your previous post with the sketch of the week turned out really well x