Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Project Life: Week 23 & Shimelle's Starting Point Challenge

Week 23: Weeding the garden required a sunhat and shades.  The latest C.J. Samson was released in paperback.  I finished the Times2 crossword (general knowledge) for only the second time since April.  We were able to eat supper outside.  We went to Heathrow to wave DH off on a business trip. 
Granny arrived for a stay.  DS had a pre-starting school haircut and tried on his new uniform.  The big day arrived: DS started in Reception on 7 September.  An airship flew directly over our house ~ we stood and watched in wonderment.
 Shimelle's starting point challenge looked like this ...
My response looks like this ...
This also qualifies for day 10 of The MotherLOAD ~ scrap a black & white photo.

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Sian said...

Times crossword? The kids don't understand why we refuse to google the answers!