Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Bouncing Boy

Yesterday saw us (ie. me, because mum doesn't drive and I only don't drive in London) drive out 40 minutes to visit my cousin J and her two gorgeous children.  Sadly, we didn't get to see J's husband, as he was out at work.
The older children were keen to have DS try out their huge trampoline, something he wasn't too keen on initially.  So we didn't push it and went back to laughing and drinking tea.  Cousin J suddenly saw movement out of the corner of her eye and realised that DS had been on the trampoline with Miss A. 
No fuss, just got on with it. 
Miss A didn't see why we wanted to know if DS had indeed been actually bouncing on the trampoline. 
"Did DS just go on the trampoline?"
"Er, yeah.  Is it time for lunch?"
 And here the three of them are; the only shot they were willing to give me.


Rhona said...

Looks like you had a great time with your cousin & family. Jon's grandson was very wary of going on the trampoline to begin with when he was about DS's age but once he got used to it we used to battle to get him off again. xx

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Do I forsee a trampoline in his future???

I loved trampolines. While we didn't have one in our yard (though we had everything else known to mankind at the time), I had a guy who was a friend that had one. On any given day, any child in town could be seen in his yard, jumping. I loved it.

The last time I jumped (I was in my thirties), I decided to do some sort of trick, and I had to go have a massage the next day in order to move. LOL!

I loved seeing this picture of DS playing with his cousins. SO cute all of them!



debs14 said...

Love the way you have managed to get a picture of him mid-bounce!

♥♥ Liz ♥♥ said...

All in his own good time. Tell him Auntie Liz says he's very clever ♥♥♥

Alison said...

Auntie Liz is a wise woman! Great bouncy pic
Alison xx

alexa said...

Great photo - you caught him in focus and in mid-air!

humel said...

Fab photo :) So glad he had a go - I hope he's feeling proud of himself!

Sian said...

He looks like he had a wonderful time with his cousins - it's nice to have someone a bit bigger to look up to!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Looks like fun!

My oldest would only try new things like that once no one was paying attention to him doing it.

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