Sunday, 23 October 2011

Half Term Holidays

DS has completed his first half-term of full time school ~ he has been a school boy for six weeks and three days.  He now has two weeks off; two weeks for the pair of us to kick back and relax a little.  With that in mind, he and I are now at Granny's house and will be for a whole week.  There'll be bus rides aplenty.  There'll be a visit to a brand new museum that is newly opened in a nearby city.  There'll be visits galore to family and friends.  There'll be a visit to an aquarium.  There will hopefully be time to catch up with this lady.
~ waiting for Mummy to get the coffee from Starbucks, Warwick Services ~
It's going to be great.


Alison said...

Have a lovely week with your schoolboy,Ruth!
Alison xx

Rhona said...

Hasn't that first half term gone quickly! Have a wonderful time with you little boy and your family xx

humel said...

So looking forward to seeing you! xx

Sandie said...

Time goes so quickly. My granddaughter started school at the same time as DS & it's hard to believe it is already half term. Have a wonderful week away, and with Mel.