Thursday, 15 December 2011

December Daily: The 14th

The one that was almost perfect.
My mum arrived for her pre-Christmas visit.
Our Chelsea Pensioner friend came over for supper.
DS was in 7th heaven.
As these pages appear back-to-back in my album, there's an extra sheet of card for the journaling tucked in.  As yet unprinted, as I am out of white card and waiting for a restock.  However, I did write out the journaling in my scrap notebook, so I don't forget what happened.
Elvis today?  On top of the a bookshelf with the Christmas cards.


Rhona said...

DS certainly looks happy and I'm glad you had a lovely day! Is the excitement building day by day? I love the excitement children feel about Christmas :)xx

Amy said...

Oh yes, you can see that he is enjoying himself.I really like how your album is showing DS's relationships and reactions and experiences.

Hmmmm ... is the special outing you are dressing up for on tonight? Make sure you takes heaps of photos!

Sian said...

He looks a bit more comfortable today :) It sounds practically perfect in every way

Alison said...

It looks as though everyone concerned was very happy to be where they were!
Alison xx

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