Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Project Life: Week 35

The week DS's class and the year above gave the assembly at school.  Their theme was The World We Live In.  The week DS thought it was funny to try on my boots and stomp up and down the stairs in them.  The week both DH and I caught nasty colds; I'd go so far as to say we had mild flu. 
The week DH got an iPad.  The week DS's school was shut due to lack of power and he got to go Christmas shopping with me, followed by a play date with some of his new friends.  The week DS tried piano lessons at school.  The week Ofsted announced a two day inspection at school. 


Sandra said...

I've thought it so clever of you to do this all year

Amy said...

Oh the flu, how utterly miserable for you all!
I love it when the children take responsibility for an assembly - their pride is palpable.

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