Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Project Life: Week 37

The week DH and I managed to have lunch out together.  The week DS's favourite bendy-bus was withdrawn from service.  The week we went to the school's Christmas Quiz.  The week DS perfected the art of becoming a lounge lizard.
The week the trees in our road were pollarded (and our garden wall damaged, a story for another day).  The week I went with school to help out at Cinderella.  The week our friend came for supper.  The week of the Nativity.  


humel said...

A lovely round-up, Ruth :) Sounds like you're having a peacefully busy run in to Christmas?! xx

Amy said...

Do you have plans to continue PL? From memory you started later in the year ... any further plans?

Lorraine said...

Can't wait till PL is available in the UK!