Friday, 16 March 2012

Photo a Day: 16th March

A highlight in my day is the opportunity to have lunch with The Brainy One.  One of the advantages of having a husband who works from home a lot.  We decided against going out, in favour of lunch at the kitchen table:
Ham rolls for me,
Corned beef with Branston pickle for TBO,
Crisps (potato chips),
Satsumas (like a tangerine),
Red wine for TBO,
Pear cider for me,
Pot of tea for two.

It's those simple pleasures that bring us so much joy.


kim said...

Looks like a wonderful lunch together.

Kristina said...

It look like real domestic bliss. Like the photo and your signature headings.

humel said...

I'm with you on the pleasure it is to have lunch with your husband - The Doctor has been working home a lot lately and it's so lovely to eat with him :) (Lunch sounds delicious, too!)

michelleshapiro said...

lunch sounds yummy, and i agree having lunch with your hubby is lovely.

Alison Roots said...

Your cider is making my mouth water, I love it.

Anne said...

I agree with you. Hubby works from home (when he is not in a plane, lol) and having lunch together or a cup of coffee are moments I do cherish !

viv said...

It looks like a great lunch for 2

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

This is a fun post, Ruth. It's cool to see your lunch table at home. :o)