Friday, 20 April 2012

Move More, Eat Well: March

March was a good month for exercise.
No, scrub that. 
March was a great month for exercise.
I went to Zumba eight {8} times.
I took the pooch on a total of sixteen {16} one-hour walks.
I rejoined the gym at Virgin Active.
The thing I noticed most in March was the improvement in my overall well-being.  I felt better, happier in myself, I slept better and I discovered that exercise is becoming a routine part of my day.
And no surprise at all to rediscover that I am enjoying all the exercise immensely.  This does make me wonder why I gave it all up in the first place. 
Food wise, I don’t think there was any marked improvement when it came to cutting out the snacking in the evenings.  I need to send myself a message and I need to send it loud and clear:

Do not buy crisps!
Do not buy chocolate!
I do not need them.
They make me feel rubbish.
Put the money I would spend on them aside and spend it later on stash!

End of message.
Five reasons to keep going:
1) I feel better
2) I'm enjoying it
3) Exercise is becoming a routine part of my day
4) I'm sleeping better
5) I'm happier in myself *
 As usual, no measurements on show.  The right hand pocket is a scanned image of my gym membership card; I did have a photo of me to go there, but I changed my mind.  There's really no need to see a photo of me in leggings.
* in this sense, the term happier should be loosely interpreted.


Amy said...

I love hearing of your progress each month, and, as a person who used to exercise A LOT, I am wondering myself why on earth I don't just get on with it and resume the routine?!
Your exercise is going to really help when you feel like you need a little endorphin boost with all that you have going on right now!

Lynn said...

Glad you are finding time to fit in the excercise and enjoying it. Why is that we continue to eat/do the things that we know don't help and fail to do the things that improve our well being! Well done.

Alison said...

Well done Ruth...says she who has just succumbed to a (mini!) snickers bar-and hates herself for it!!
Alison xx

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

I love the idea of treating yourself to more stash with the money you save from not buying sweets.

I always love seeing your Project Life stuff, Ruth. You and my Carrie are really doing great with this project! xo

Lizzie said...

Sounds as if you're doing well with the exercise! Like you, I feel the benefit quite quickly, then wonder why I ever stopped... I need to take some inspiration from you!
Good luck with the April Exercise. X

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