Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Week in the Life: Tuesday

 ~ Good morning ~
 ~ trying to look presentable ~
 ~ smiling faces at the school gate ~
 ~ food shopping, dull but necessary ~
 ~ Zumba class ~
 ~ Lunch ~
 ~ Chores ~
 ~ Post pick-up coffee ~
 ~ Supper ~
 ~ preparing Happy Mail ~
 ~ Watching episodes of ER (series 2) with The Brainy One ~
~ Goodnight ~
~ the story of Tuesday ~


Sian said...

The Pirate Cruncher sounds like a good story :)

The details - always good to remember :)

Kirsty.a said...

I like the look of you Day in the life project. I just couldn't face taking on another thing at the moment

Jo.C said...

This is great - I am ding it more in written form - keep forgetting to take photos. Have really enjoyed looking through your day :0)

Alison said...

Loving your format Ruth!
Alison xx

Amy said...

I'm really enjoying seeing all of the doing photos, they make for an interesting story!

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