Monday, 21 May 2012

31 Things: Day 4

Day 4 of Ali's latest class at BPC ~ 31 Things.  Ali describes the class thus: 31 Things is about capturing life right now but will be much more in-depth on a single daily subject than the documentation you might be used to with projects like Week in the Life or Project Life. This workshop is an opportunity to get specific pieces of your story told with the simple goal of telling more.  
Day 4| Faith:
I believe in God and I want to believe in the thought of an afterlife and the existence of Heaven.  It was important  for me to marry The Brainy One in church, just as it was for me to then have The Boy Child christened {on our 2nd wedding anniversary}.
However, I think it would be true to say that I find comfort more in the idea of faith, rather than in organised religion {too much in-fighting and scandal}.  I do say my prayers, but they are more in the form of a general chat with God. Dear God, will you please help The Boy Child sleep until 6am?  I like to be specific.
Since Dad died, I have frequently felt his presence.  When I married The Brainy One, when The Boy Child was born, on long motorway journeys, when The Boy Child was diagnosed with Autism, the list goes on.  I see signs, things that wouldn't mean anything to anyone else {signs that are not for sharing on here}.
And for me, for now, that's enough.   


Amy said...

I used this prompt quite differently, but I do think it is one of the ones I will return to as I'd like to write more on the subject.

I like the idea that you have found signs of your Dad in your life, even after his passing.

Alison said...

It must be very comforting for you to feel your dad's presence Ruth
Alison xx

debs14 said...

If you check out my blog today (Monday) you'll find an award waiting for you :-)
I know what you mean about seeing signs that you are still being watched over. I often find white feathers in totally unexpected places and I find real comfort in that. Sometimes it's just a feeling but proof indeed that thier love continues on regardless.

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