Saturday, 30 June 2012

Month in Numbers ~ June

Month in Numbers is the brain child of Julie and you'll always find a warm welcome over at her place.  Not to mention entertaining posts about a varied list of topics.  Go on over, stop by and say hello, then come back here.
5: the number of times I went in the pool at the gym ~ twice by myself and three times with The Boy Child.
2: the number of medals The Boy Child won at Sports Day ~ a win in the Egg & Spoon race and a win in the team games.
20: the number of party invitations sent out on The Boy Child's behalf.  His Non-Birthday party is next Saturday.
119.15: the amount spent in pounds Sterling over three visits to Pizza Express. 
337: the number of photos I took this month.  This doesn't include those images deleted straight from the camera.
7: the number of times I drove the car ~ the second highest monthly total this year ... so far.
11: the number of times I went to the gym ~ making each visit cost £5.45, approximately.  I'm on my way to making my membership value for money.


Louise said...

a lovely display of numbers. Good to see someone else takes tons of photos.

Alison said...

Great roundup of the month Ruth!
Alison xx

Nathalie said...

Enjoy checking your numbers and am impressed that they are already on a page!... I manage to play along each month but never manage to make a page with them!

Clair said...

That was quick work! Love the use of the journalling cards! x

Tamara said...

I love your page and the numbers you have for this month

KraftyKaren said...

Love your page - I keep meaning to do this as it would be a great way of using up a tonne of leftover numbers in Thicker packets.

Jennifer Grace said...

Fab layout and numbers. It sounds like it was an energetic month with all the visits to the gym, and swimming, and sports days for the boy! x

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Lots of healthy activities. Congratulations on the medals!

Julie Kirk said...

I always like it when collecting my numbers reveals a pattern / trend or when it makes it easy for me to compare months across the last few years - so it's great to see it's doing something similar for you too!

I hope you didn't get too wet with all that walking in the wettest June on record!

Thank you for your lovely inroduction and for joining in once again with a great page. I've pinned your post with the others now:

Happy July!

Julie x

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