Monday, 4 June 2012

Photo a Day: 4th June

~ Jubilee tea party ~
Look closely and you'll see that we used that tea set.
Our lovely Chelsea Pensioner friend was able to join us.
The miserable weather didn't dampen our spirits.
The news that the Duke is in hospital did.
We toasted Her Majesty with Pimm's.


Ladkyis said...

Hoorah! I love to see heirlooms being used. TBC will remember this day and the teaset. He will use the slbim pages you have created to tell others about it and then he can show them the teaset - as he pours the tea.

Anne said...

What a beautiful tea party ! Well done for keeing high spirits despite the weather !

Helen said...

looks a lovely get together

Alison said...

A lovely memory for you all!
Alison xx

kim said...

Looks wonderful.

Borqna said...

I love your colorful family!
Very beautiful picture! Congratulations!

♥♥ Liz ♥♥ said...

Looks like a lovely tea. We're having ours later today. xxx