Monday, 2 July 2012

Hello Monday

Hello week of a new kitchen floor.  Cracked and raised tiles are finally being lifted and replaced with new and lighter coloured tiles.
Hello Educational Psychologist assessment for The Boy Child on Tuesday. It's happening in school time so he shouldn't be aware of anything unusual.
Hello Occupational Therapy review for The Boy Child on Thursday.
Hello to "plus one" after school and into the early evening.  The Boy Child's favourite girl-friend is coming for play and stay on Thursday.
Hello to donating 22nd pint of blood on Wednesday.
Hello to the last week of the school year.  How can that be?
Hello to teacher gifts.  Boxes of posh chocolate are always welcome, right?
Hello to The Boy Child's non-birthday party on Saturday.  Just him and 17 of his little friends.


Liz said...

Hello to your very busy week. Hope all goes well with TBC. Let me know how he gets on xxx

Mum said...

Me too please x

debs14 said...

Sounds like you have a busy week ahead, hope all your meetings are positive and productive. Oh, and good luck for the afternoon of 18 excited children!

Alison said...

Hope yesterday went well, and that tomorrow does too
Alison xx

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