Saturday, 25 August 2012

Losing An Inch

I've never given much thought to my height.
It is what it is.
I'm about 5'7", which is average in my family.
I'm taller than my mum and my sister, but much shorter than my brother.
My dad was over 6'.
My 15-year old nephew is considerably taller than me now, much to his delight.
I am taller than my 30-year old twin nephews (in-law, if you want to be precise about these things).
I am taller than most of the women in my Zumba class.
I've been following Julie's Height of Summer with interest and a wry smile, but never seriously thought about joining in ~ see opening remark.
Then I read Mel's post and her claim to be 5'7" and a bit.  "Hang on," I thought, "I'm taller than Mel.  Aren't I?"
It would appear that I'm not.  I just think I am.
That makes me just shy of 5'7".
Or 5'6" and a bit.
It appears those "and a bit" count for something after all.


Amy said...

I hadn't thought about it all that much either, probably because I am the short one in the family. I don't know, from that angle you do look a smidge shorter, but it could go the other way in different circumstances!

Missus Wookie said...

in our family we insist it doesn't count unless you do the backs and ruler across the heads stance. So you may or may not have mislaid an inch ;)

Ladkyis said...

We have a door frame that we will take with us if we ever move. it has everyone on it as they have grown up - even me. My youngest son is the tallest at 6'5" and my great granddaughter had her first measuring session in June.
Me? oh I am shrinking. I used to be 5'1 and threequarters but they insisted I was measured last year and I am only 5'1 and a half now - age you see...

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Maybe she had a slight heel on her shoes?

Clair said...

It seems we're about the same size - are we? I have absolutely no idea. I have a feeling that you were distracted by ruffles last time we met and I was distracted by laughing! x

Julie Kirk said...

Who knew this would get competitive? As long as I don't have to adjudicate ... I think I'll you two to battle it out!

Thanks for joining in - 5'6 was an empty slot in the chart until this weekend, now there's two of you there. So at least you're not alone!

You're on the board now too:

I'll be blogging the final height chart toward the end of the week!

Julie :-)

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