Monday, 3 September 2012

Hello Monday

Hello to last two days of the summer holidays.  School starts on Wednesday.
Hello to Year 1 and 15 minutes added to the length of The Boy Child's school day.
~ 7 September 2011 ~
Hello to back-to-school haircut.
Hello to The Boy Child starting Street Dance classes at the YMCA.
Hello to The Boy Child starting swimming lessons again.
Hello to booking that school taster day for The Boy Child.
Hello to completing ESTAs for me and The Brainy One.  We are off on a huge adventure in a fortnight.
Hello to applying for a full copy of my Royal Air Force service record.  It might make interesting reading.
Hello to creating something, anything, this week.
Hello to tidying up in my office.  Project De-clutter will be commencing shortly.
Hello to sending Mel a wee something.  Something I offered to send her weeks months ago.
Hello to blog reading and commenting.
Hello to feeling inspired about my own blog posts.
Hello to lunch out with The Brainy One, if we're lucky.
Hello to semi-serious house hunting.


Sian said...

That hand in the pocket thing? Seriously, could he look any cuter?

Best of luck with what looks like a full set of plans for the week

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Adorable photo! Good luck with your busy week!

Tammy said...

He is looking so grown up! Looks like a full week for you. Enjoy. :)

Ladkyis said...

....and breathe.......and breathe, goodness me you are busy. I just know things are going to get betternow.

Bronya said...

naw so cute!

Missus Wookie said...

Full week ahead - hope you get the fun things including lunch with the Brainy one too.

humel said...

Thank you for the 'wee something' which arrived safely today! Hope you're getting some down time in amongst all this xx

Alison said...

That's one busy week Ruth!
Alison xx

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