Thursday, 13 September 2012

Move More, Eat Well: August

August was the month that was end-to-end summer holidays and I wasn’t at all sure how managing both The Boy Child and exercise would pan out.
As it happened, things turned out just fine.
I went to Zumba twice.
I went swimming eleven {11} times, including three {3} sessions of Family Splash with The Boy Child.
I walked the pooch fifteen {15} times.
The Boy Child went to Holiday Gym Club a total of nine {9} times. 
I didn’t go to the gym at all during the last week of the month, as we were at mum’s house, but dog walking twice a day helped.  
It’s become very clear to me that regular exercise is now of great importance.  I don’t just mean in relation to my general well-being; it’s more about how I feel in myself.  There are still things in my life that cause me, cause us, great sadness, worry and anger, but those feelings of achievement after Zumba or swimming all help to make me feel better about the things I cannot control.  It must be those endorphins that fitness geeks rave about!
Dietary wise, well, it’s that old chestnut, chocolate.  We are steadily eating our way through the large jar of Lindt eggs won by The Boy Child at the school fayre.  Even though we’ve given loads away, there still seems to be a never ending supply.  The good about them is that because they are quite rich, you can’t eat more than about half a dozen without feeling sick!
On the other hand, the recent good weather has meant a greater consumption of salad.  And I call that a result.
Five ways to get back on track:
1. Back to school means no need to factor in use of creche
2. Stop buying chocolate, even when it's on offer
3. When the munchies strike, eat fruit
4. Try out new activities such as Aquarobics
5. Spend 10 days in the sun


Sian said...

Your exercise routine puts me to shame! Of course if we were closer you could force me to come to zumba with you

Amy said...

Six Lindt choccies are enough to make anyone sick ... but a nice way to get sick! Yes, Sian is very right - your exercise routine is fabulous and I need some of it to rub off on me!

Abi said...

Good aims! Your exercise is amazing! you definitely do more than me. I'm glad it is making you feel good too! I am such a sucker for chocolate. Who isn't I suppose!!

Missus Wookie said...

Not buying chocolate does help doesn't it? Good luck with the goals.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Good going on your exercise! I stopped buying chocolate as well.

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