Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Photo a Day: 11th September

Yesterday I managed to misjudge reversing on to the drive.
All The Brainy One wanted to know was whether I or The Boy Child had been hurt. 
He's a good man.
Today I had to photograph the car again, in order for the guy at the garage to provide an estimate for the repairs.  Seems they like to do the leg work on line before the car actually gets to them.
Who knew?


Pauline said...

Ugh, I did this with our last car, only my error of judgement involved the car hitting the church which was just behind our house! The angle I did it at smashed the lights beautifully....who knew they were so expensive?! (I do now!!)

Lizzie said...

I haven't even tried to get mine fixed - not after the £800 quote!
Just as well really... since I managed to add a bashed corner to the bumper, on the same side as the dented wing...
I did both on holiday, reversing in unfamiliar places.
The first time, I reversed, heard a loud "clang"... yet there was nothing there. We still reckon it must've been Harry Potter's broomstick or something.
This time, it was reversing up the driveway behind the holiday cottage. I hit a post, that supported the little fence between our parking spot and the one next door. All my own fault this time - I wasn't paying attention to what was on that side (forgot it was there)..
But I still do not know what I hit that first time, which made a nice dent in the back wing...

Hard luck, Ruth. How nice of The Brainy One, not to make a fuss or blame you. You can take comfort in the fact that it happens to many other people too. X

Liz said...

Oh dear. Hope you're both OK and that it's not too expensive to get fixed xxx

Kirsty.a said...

Oops, bad luck. Glad neither of you were hurt

Sian said...


Hope it soon gets fixed.