Thursday, 20 September 2012

Photo a Day: 19th September

~ say cheese ~ 
My SiL and I made the best use of our last hour or so in Miami.
We were booked on a direct flight from Miami to Cartagena; Avianca then changed it at the 11th hour to route us via Medellin.  This meant actually over flying Cartagena to then change planes in Medellin and fly back to the coast again.
Still, we've made it to Cartagena, checked in to a wonderful Spanish colonial villa from the 18th Century and are now with the rest of the family.  
Note to self: bring hair dryer and shampoo.  Hotel has TV and WiFi, but not these things.
Any one else think that female guests would prefer the former over the latter if it came to a choice?


Sian said...

I might take free wifi over a hairdryer, but I don't pay for wifi!

Alison said...

TV wouldn't matter...but it would be a close call between hairdryer and WIFI!
Alison xx

Amy said...

If I am on holidays in a hot place I wouldn't worry about the hairdryer - but, it's a close call!

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