Monday, 22 October 2012

Hello Monday

Hello to annual visit to the dentist for The Boy Child.
~ 2011 visit ~
Hello to visiting the cinema: Madagascar 3 and Hotel Transylvania.
Hello to on-line shopping and having my groceries delivered to directly to my kitchen.
Hello to an eyebrow wax for me.  I have a pair of caterpillars above my eyes right now.
Hello to making use of Holiday Gym Club this week; means that I can go to Zumba and Aquarobics..
Hello to street dance class continuing during half-term.
Hello to playdates for The Boy Child with two of his school friends.
Hello to visiting Chelsea.
Hello to visiting the Circus at the end of the week; the big half-term treat. Grateful for half-price ticket vouchers.
Hello to a child development review for The Boy Child.  I am not feeling positive.
Hello to the end of British Summer Time. Boo.
Hello to travelling to Granny's for week two of half-term.    


alexa said...

Gosh, he's doing well only to be at the dentist once a year! Hope all those (nicer) plans are full of enjoyment and ones you're not looking forward to turn out not to be so bad ...

Sian said...

That's the most cheerful Dentist Visit I've ever seen!

Kirsty.a said...

Lots of fun stuff planned (to balance the scary development review). Let me know what Hotel Transylavania is like, I'm thinking of taking R and his cousins.
PS. As far as the review goes,I've learnt that the professionals will always look at the worse case scenario. It helps them ask for as much monetary support as poss and covers their backs. I've found this helpful to remember

humel said...

That's a lovely shot :)

Wishing you a happy half term - I do hope the review goes well and you feel positive about it. Kirsty's comment above is helpful xx

Alison said...

Hope that review. Went better than you were expecting Ruth
Alison xx

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